Who tells my kids they are being held back to repeat Kindergarten?

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Who tells my kids they are being held back to repeat Kindergarten?
Tue, 05-17-2011 - 1:31pm


I was relieved that my kids teacher and school want to hold my twins back to repeat kindergarten. I agree and am happy.

They were born early, they were born on the first day of summer and are attending with kids a full year older. A big difference now and will be in first grade.

One thing I was not expecting is today the Guidance Counselor said that we (my hubby and I) would be telling them that they were being held back. Although I'm sure they'd support us and offered to tell our kids how great they were before hand.

Has anyone done this before? Did your school take over?

We were planning on telling them AFTER the school year had ended.

The school will work with us so that we can remove our kids early on the day that the other students are given the names of their first grade teachers.



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Hi Donna,

I've honestly never dealt with this before but I think it is a good idea for you and your husband to be the ones to discuss it with your kids. I think they'll be more forthcoming with any concerns/questions they have if you tell them vs. being told by a school authority. I know my kids are more honest with their emotions with us at home than they are at school. I love that they are allowing you to remove your kids early on the day the other kids are given the names of their first grade teachers- great idea!

I wish you the very best of luck. Please let us know how the discussion with your kids goes.

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Hi Donna.

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Thank you! Good points

--I'll have to build up my confidence before the end of school,

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My sister's neice was held back in the 2nd grade last year and at first we thought she would be really down about it but she took it very well. My sister is a teacher and just told her that this would give her a chance to make new friends and be more successful at school. She has done so well this year and is definitley ready for 3rd grade now. Her staying back was a huge confidence booster. I am sure they will do very well next year. (((HUGS))) and keep us updated.


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I wouldn't worry too much at all.