Would you change schools 1 month in?

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Would you change schools 1 month in?
Sun, 08-28-2005 - 2:36am

Just looking for opinions...

I got a job at a school that is NOT my kids school (I was counting on their school but to make a long story short, I didnt get there, I got a school 6 minutes drive away and it's causing a host of problems).

I found out 3 days before they started school in July, so I let them start. They are on a year round schedule so they have a different vacation schedule than I. After they started, I secured the next door neighbor's 6th grader to walk them home and watch them every day for 1 hour until I got home (her mom was to be home). As a backup, I have another mom that will watch them on full days off and be available for emergencies...except on wednesday. Since I have to be at work at 7 and the kids start at 7:50, Dad will get them to school...but he travels with work about 1 week every other month.

Now, I started school last week. Babysitter is already showing signs of failure (i.e. she is doing JPO so her mom has to walk them home every other week, she has given me dates she cant do it, etc...Mom has started looking for a job). On Friday, Dad had to miss an appointment because it was scheduled for 7....he CANNOT do that on his job.

My new school has offered to move them. On the one hand, this would solve ALL care issues. They would come to school with me, have breakfast, and afterschool can be in my room until I leave. Vacations and days off would line up, and I am on campus if there are any needs, or special events. I would have easier access to the teachers.

The down side? I LOVE my sons K teacher. I hoped he would get her. (But he has moved around a lot already and adjusts well). My daughter's class is fine, but she doesnt rave or rant about her class. The class size is also under 20....they would be in 24 sized classrooms at my school.

We are military and will move around all of the kids' school lives. Its a fact of life. DH thinks we should move them. I am apprehensive because they have already started 3 weeks ago....but they wouldnt have missed anything at new school.

So my options are....move them and all problems with care solved....but I dont know what the ramifications of the move will be academically....but the schools are equal in test scores....and they havent really started yet.
Or....leave them where they are, put them in A+ program after school (it is a program where a group of adults come to school and provide care at school until up to 5:30...playing games, enrichment, homework help), and try to figure out a way around the morning issues when hubby cant do it.
Or...quit. This isnt happening since I worked so hard to get the job!

I have been talking about this for 3 days now. 1/2 the people wince when they think about moving them and 1/2 of them say 'you have to move them, they will adjust'

What do you think?


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Sun, 08-28-2005 - 2:01pm

my opinion, change schools.. having a less stressfull live is importanted... move the kids... in the long run, I think everyone would be happier. Just think how stressed your going to be at christmas... 2 schools, 3 different class schedules(yours and the kids)add dh's schedule...NUTS!!!

speaking as a parent, ds's teacher(last year)she and her husband are teachers,different schools, they have 3 kids, different school again, the youngest was in pre-school, different school again.. plus they live 30mins away. His teacher was so stressed most of the time, worring about her kids, being picked-up,drop-off,after-school activities, that she had no time for the kids in her class, she didn't do parent meetings unless it was very important(and that took special arranging!!)she was tired all the time, her kids look very unhappy, and stressed, they always seems to be in a rush,
long story short... she became a very grumpy teacher and ended up on stress leave in May.. hope things work out better for her this year...

good luck with your decision... you'll make the right one,ask your kids what they would like, go with your "gut" feeling...

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Mon, 08-29-2005 - 11:31pm

Good to "see" you again tig!

IMHO I think I'd just make the move. It would be so much easier and there wouldn't be so much "rushing" around. What happens during breaks and school vacations? If they are on the same schedule you are on, then the need for additional care is resolved :0).



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Wed, 08-31-2005 - 2:53am

A big thank you to you both for your opinions. We have decided to move them. Its all taken care of and they start on Thursday. DS will miss one day and DD will miss one week but they arent concerned at all!

I went to old school today to personally tell the teachers that it wasnt them, that I had no problems with their school other than the schedule. They seemed to appreciate the personal response. They were quite shocked when the principal told them.

I hope the transition goes well, but I wanted to make sure to let you know that I really appreciated your responses!

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Sun, 09-04-2005 - 11:32am
Adding in late that I would have moved them as well. Coming in a few weeks late will not be a big deal, imo. You've got to do what is best for the family, and it sounds like relying on others just wasn't a good solution. Let us know how they like the new school.