15 yr old daughter hates family

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15 yr old daughter hates family
Wed, 04-06-2011 - 2:42am

Hi everyone,

Please help.My 15 year old daughter hates being home and goes to friends or her boyfriends house every day. She tells us she hates it here. My husband yells a lot and I can't convince him that it does way more harm than good. He used to mostly yell at my son (now 19) but recently he yells at my daughter a lot for bad grades and lying. She lies a lot, and not just to stay out of trouble. The other day I found in her notebook a conversation with her BF saying that I said he couldn't love her because no one could love her. I would NEVER say or think that. She just wanted confirmation from him saying he loves her. I also found a list of her plans for the future. The things on the list all involved her BF

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Wed, 04-06-2011 - 1:33pm

This sounds remarkably like the relationship between my 2nd exH & his DD.

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Wed, 04-06-2011 - 7:41am

Let's say you worked in an environment where your boss was continually yelling at you, writing you up, and generally making your life miserable.

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Wed, 04-06-2011 - 3:25am

Lets start by saying that the reason your 15yo won't stay home, and prefers going to her bf's house, is because a parenting style that involves