Birth Control Sabotage

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Birth Control Sabotage
Thu, 01-31-2013 - 11:26pm

Lisa, said we should start threads. This is not relevant to much of anything regarding teens, with the possible exception of warning teen boys about girls—now and in the decades ahead. LOL

Last week on the evening news, maybe CBS with Scott Pelly, there was a story on “BIRTH CONTROL SABOTAGE” by men seeking to control their girlfriends and wives, etcetera. (I had never heard the term, but yhe term can be goggled or binged.) The local news even interviewed a few women who had been victims of such. It centered on the men putting pin holes in the condoms and diaphragms, replacing pills with aspirin, which I can see working only with blind woman, or secretly removing Nuva rings.

The subject is serious, but I had a few irreverent thoughts. Like, “Butch (youngest SIL) did you secretly remove our daughter’s Nuva ring three years ago this month?” If you did . . . THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Back in college I recall a couple of gals who were involved in birth control sabotage. Having found “MR. RIGHT” they sabotaged their birth control to encourage a proposal. One was a freshman, who caught the eye of the older brother of her roommate, who was a hunk and a playboy. According to his sister, the roommate secretly stopped taking her pills and used a paper punch on the brother’s condoms—more effective than pin holes. According to his sister, they are still together and happy. My dad would say he got LUCKY in many ways that night.

Every few years there is a birth control pill pack recall because somehow the packs get twenty-one sugar pills and only seven birth control pills. I’m picturing packaging machines with one side for the active pills and the other side for the sugar pills and minimum wage college students running them. Maybe it’s an accident or maybe some guy at the factory is sabotaging his girlfriend, the company, or women in general.

When these pill recalls are made, I wonder if maybe that is why I arrived at our wedding, which had been in the planning for over a year, with our oldest bun in my oven. If this is what happened . . . THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What ever happened, we have been truly blessed and a lot of lives would be different had it not happened.

Then you have these silly married men, like Vice President Johnny Reed Edwards, who banged Reality Hunter--a woman with a Big Ben size ticking biological clock and very expensive tastes in lifestyle choices--and then Johnny was stupid enough to use campaign money to try to keep her quite. Some say he was hoping to be Obama’s Attorney General.

In the news today, former Miami Quarterback Dan Marino has admitted to fathering a child several years ago with a woman who has been bleeding him for millions--perhaps another woman with ticking clock problems and expensive lifestyle tastes.

During her time at the Pentagon, while she was still hoping to get back to the Oval Office, Monica told Barbara Walters about having an abortion when she got pregnant by some coworker named DAN. I think she was going without birth control and hoping to have a child with Bill, if she got the chance. Wow that would have been interesting indeed.

Guys, in the future get fixed before you play.

Then you have General Petraous with his mistress who called on the FBI to investigate another mistress. Lady, exactly what part of “discrete” do you not understand? Truth can be stranger than fiction.

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Fri, 02-01-2013 - 9:57am

Always a good post.  Its sort of funny, I used to hear my DH often on the phone with younger military guys from his unit having conversations and always telling them, "I don't care what the girl tells you, even if she is on birth control, if you don't want a kid right now, then you better use a condom also, and make sure you buy a new package and you keep it hidden so you and only you know where it is at all times".  I've always told ODD that if and when she is sexually active, its better to always use two forms of BC as a precaution, better safe than sorry.

I have a co-worker who had been married about 6 years when we started working together.  Her DH had cheated on her a few years into teh marriage and they separated for 6 months, but did work it out and stayed married.  He really wanted a baby after they got back together and she just really wasn't sure she wanted a baby, and she was still a bit upset from the cheating and split.  So for a long time she continued on birth control pills that she kept hidden at work so they wouldn't get pregnant but didn't tell him she was taking them.  They are still happily married, but still have no kids, been married about 13 years now.

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Fri, 02-01-2013 - 1:36pm

That is really interesting! I had heard of women sabotaging the birth control but not men! I wonder how prevelant it is for men to do it...