Clueless homecoming "date"

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Clueless homecoming "date"
Mon, 10-06-2003 - 1:19am
This is an update to my message below regarding dates for formal dances.

DH told DD that he would allow her to go to this homecoming dance with this boy. We saw the boy on Saturday at a large cross country meet since his HS was represented there. His parents weren't there, but DD spent some time talking w/him and brought him over to meet me and her grandmother. I mentioned the dance and asked him to have his mother call me so we could make arrangements.

He agreed (or appeared to) and walked away talking w/DD.

Chapter 2: DD told me at the end of the meet that she was "kind of mad at him". I asked her why and she said that after they walked away from me, he sarcastically said "riiiight" about having his mom phone me. Later, when DH was nearby, DD motioned to him to come over and meet DH and he shook his head "no".

I just thought it was really funny because how else would Freshmen get to a formal dance w/o parents approving and driving them there, so I told DD " call from his dance". She was disappointed about the dance part, but really didn't care about him since not only was she not interested in him as more than a friend, but is pretty "p.o.'d" with him now.

Even if his mom does end up calling me, should I just tell DD to tell him to forget it given his wise acre attitude?