Happy New Year everyone!

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Happy New Year everyone!
Tue, 12-31-2013 - 8:10am

Do you make new year resolutions? Do you have any goals or hopes for 2014?

I don't do new years resolutions. 2013 was one he** of a year with dh's cancer diagnosis and Jason's med school issue but all ended well. I guess my big hope is that the cancer stays away! DH plans to retire effective March 1, which means with vacation he only has 16 more working days. Yikes! We have a few trips planned. We are going to Vegas in February. DH's birthday is Feb. 22 and there's a UFC fight there that night. We've been to Vegas several times and he's been to a few live fights with the boys but I've never gone with him so that will be his gift this year. In June we're going to Pikes Peak. I've never been. We're meeting my college room mate and her dh. Our birthdays are a day apart in June so we'll celebrate our 55th there together. She's lived in Washington state for years and her folks have both been gone for quite some time so she doesn't get back to IL much. Should be fun. In October we'll go back up to WI and visit Jason for an evening and then head up to the Baraboo area and hopefully stay in the same B&B we stayed at this past Oct.

Wishing all of you a fun, safe New Years Eve and I hope that 2014 is filled with many blessings.

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Thu, 01-02-2014 - 11:07am
It sounds like you will have a good year! Here's hoping that DH's cancer stays away and that you can indeed enjoy every minute of it!!
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Thu, 01-02-2014 - 11:09am

I do have a few resolutions, I always tend to be overly ambitious, so we'll see how this year goes, but overall it includes getting my health and eating back on track, paying off a bunch of debt and a new car for me, and to yell less and laugh more.  I did really well yesterday even with a 2 hour flight delay, not so well this morning getting the kids back into school mode.  Oh well, one day at a time!

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Mon, 01-06-2014 - 10:16pm

As for hubby and me, we don’t make many resolutions, but sometimes set out to change things as of the first of the year. Often we mess-up or forget them early on.

The late Beatle John Lennon is credited with saying, “Life is what happens to you as you’re making other plans.” And Lee Iacocca wrote about how he felt at a low point in his life, “if we could see the future we might be sorely tempted to shoot ourselves, but we have a merciful GOD who only lets us see one day at a time.”

Many of the best things that ever happened to DH and me were totally unplanned for. In January of 1991, several months before our wedding, we planned to start our family after five plus years of marriage. Oopse, our oldest arrived in January of 1992, with our youngest in March of 1993. A couple of months after these birth months, two couples we would not meet for another dozen plus years, each had a third child that was not planned for. We call those two babies our SILs. Back in January 2010, our two couples were talking about giving us our first grandchild in 2016 or later. He arrived in October 2010, which triggered the others. LOL

(As a side point, youngest DD was going to have a tubal with the third baby, but our OBgyn suggested she NOT do that until later because she has had woman that could not get it reversed and husbands who could not get it reversed who were very traumatized by having done that too young and without certainty. So youngest DD is now on the Nexplanon, which is the three year birth control implant. Unlike the NuvaRing, she can’t screw up on it. LOL With a laugh, our OBgyn added, “In your thirties, you and hubby may decide to reenlist and have a second family.” LOL)

Youngest DD and SIL are dreamers, schemers, scammers with plans in four year phases. I think they have currently have plans into the mid-2020s, which are very subject to getting modified by events like getting preggers early on. As Butch’s father put it the night we all found we found out we were really old and soon to be grandparents, “This is only a speed bump, not a road block.” And, in many ways, I think it was to their advantage that it happened.

February 22 is George Washington’s birthday (known as “W” to his friends Jefferson, Adams, Madison, and Monroe) and I think the late Senator Edward Kennedy’s birthday (known as Uncle Teddy to a host of his brother Jack and Bobby’s children). I bet your hubby is another of those great men born on that date.

I heard on the news this evening that George and Barbara Bush are celebrating their 69th anniversary today. WOW!!!

Pam, I hope you and hubby enjoy your visit to Vegas, much too see there, so I am told. (As the old joke goes, don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose, which is about 25 cents for me. LOL) Lots of good shows to see and where else can you see New York, Paris, Venice, Florence, Camelot, and Rome so easily.

There are bus trips out to Hoover Dam and the new Pat Tillman bridge, which is just south of the dam and allows a spectacular view of the Hoover Dam from a protected walkway on the bridge, and then when you stand on the dam you see a spectacular view of the bridge. Or, if you rent a car, it’s only about a thirty minute drive out there to the dam from Vegas. We hope to visit it this summer. 

(Pat Tillman was the Arizona Cardinal Football player who took off his Cardinal uniform, gave up a several million dollar a year contract, to put on the uniform and go fight for our country after 9/11, and lost his life in Afghanistan, I believe--A true patriot soldier to be proud of and to be remembered with high honor. He is just one of several thousand patriots who lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. As Billy Joel sang, “Only the good die young.)

Now that DH and I are in our mid-thirties, fifty-five looks younger every year. LOL (OK, we’re 47, but don’t look a day over 63. And that 47 and 63 are not typo mistakes. LOL)

Pam, you and hubby will both enjoy the Pikes Peak Cog Railway trip and like a lot of those types of trips it is more enjoyable with friends and family to enjoy it with. The vistas are beautiful.

I don’t think Hubby and I will be able to retire until 2050 at the earliest. And then we will have to be greeters at Wal-Mart. "Welcome to Wal-Mart."  LOL