Hi everyone - remember me? How about a roll call? LONG

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Hi everyone - remember me? How about a roll call? LONG
Mon, 09-09-2013 - 3:07pm

Sorry I've been away so long. This summer has pretty much been the summer from he** but things are looking up now. When I last posted Jason (26) was finishing up his 2nd year of med school and Justin (23) was living at home looking for a job and thinking about joining the army. Here's what's been going on since then:

Justin had finally found a job with a local asphalt company and started at the end of May - completely blue collar but it pays $15/hour and has full benefits. He moved out in July so we are once again empty nesters. DH and I took a short trip to San Antonio the end of May to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. So that was where the good news ended.

We got home from our trip on May 30. That night Jason sat us down and told us that he'd been called into the dean's office the prior week (hadn't wanted to tell us then and ruin our trip). He and was told that someone had sent an anonymous email that said they found Jason's tweets/FB status updates offensive. And many of them were over the top. He loves that 'anything goes' crude humor that pokes fun of anyone and everyone. We'd talked to him about it but what do we know? We figured at some point someone would talk to him. What we didn't figure was that the head dean evidently wanted to make an example of him; he was given the choice of withdrawing as a student in good standing (his grades were GREAT) or they would dismiss him and would be forced to tell future schools/employers the reason. They didn't even let him take his boards 2 weeks later that he'd been studying so hard for. And within a month the school had a new social media policy in place. They may not have been able to do that at a public school but he went to a Jesuit medical school and I'm guessing they can do things a bit differently. So there he was in Chicago with no job, no longer in school, and over $100,00 in debt. We were shocked, angry at both Jason and the school and finally just sad. Many of you remember that he struggled with an eating disorder several years ago. Every time we saw him in the next few months he was thinner and thinner. He really wanted to stay up there near his friends so we agreed to help him financially for a few months. He filled out tons of apps but didn't even get call backs. We were all getting discouraged. Finally he broadened his search and applied at Epic Systems in Madison, WI. Got an all expense paid trip up there for an interview in early August and got the offer the next week. He moved up there Sept. 1 and started on Sept. 3. He LOVES it. The campus is really neat - it was designed by the people that designed Universal, Google, etc. So things are great with Jason now.

On June 18 my dh had his first routine colonoscopy (he's 54) and 4 polyps were removed, one looking 'suspicious'. Within 48 hours the doctor was calling saying it was cancerous and he thought it may have spread to the blood stream. We were imagining the worst. He had some follow up testing the following week that showed pre-surgically the surrounding lymph nodes and organs did NOT appear to be affected so we were somewhat relieved but still nervous as it had spread into the colon wall. He had surgery on July 19 to remove a portion of his colon. Unfortunately they had to do a temporary ileostomy, which was very physically and emotionally tough on him. The following week we met with the surgeon and oncologist to go over the lab results. Thankfully the surgeon got all the cancer and the lymph nodes that he removed as well as the bit he removed on each side of the cancer were clean. This past Friday he had surgery to reverse the ileostomy and is doing great. Moving slowly but psychologically SO much better. He'll have to have a sigmoidoscopy in about 3 months and another colonoscopy in 6 months. If those are both clean he'll have to have colonoscopies every year for a few years. He'll continue to see the oncologosist every 6 months until he has 2 clean colonoscopies, in which case it will go to every year for the next 5 years. So for those of you that are over 50 and haven't had a colonoscopy - schedule one NOW. Had dh waited even a few more months I'm sure the results would have been much different.

Sorry this is so long but I wanted to let you all know what was going on around here. I hope you all had a better summer than we did!



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What I wanted Pam to know is that she and her hubby have raised two fine young men.

After visiting the Graceland home of the King in Memphis, we wondered over to the Civil Rights Museum over at the location of the Loraine Motel where Martin Luther King, Jr. was slain. These two Kings were only separated by about five years in age and you recognize real quick whose life counted the most.

Other things that occur to you is that MLK, Jr. was arguably one of the greatest persons of the twentieth century, a truly worthy, meaningful, and deserving recipient of the Nobel Pease Prize, who lived a very simple life, staying at motels beneath what most would consider acceptable. Somewhat like could have been said about his LORD, Martin could have stayed in the best hotels if they had been made available to him, but instead went to where he was accepted. As you listen to the tape of that speech the evening before his death, the thought occurs to you that Martin had “dying grace” and was ready for death, somewhat like Lincoln was. I doubt either of them had a clue as to what great men they were.

I recently read the Time article about MLK and his “I have a dream” speech. The dream wasn’t in his prepared remarks, the speech was somewhat drifting when Mahala Jackon a gospel singer yelled out, “Tell ‘em about the dream Martin.” As they say in baseball when a major home run is hit, “Out to souvenir land.”

Returning to a comparison of MLK with Bull Connor the sheriff who turned out the dogs and Alabama Governor George Wallace, I think of something I read years ago about. Something like, “Be careful that the only thing left in the sands of time where you walked are the marks of a heel.” Therein, is the reason that we celebrate the birth of MLK every January and give little regard to the lives of Bull and George. Something to always keep in mind as you live your life.

Ah, Musiclover, you’re getting ready for a severe case of “mal-tuition” again. LOL Seriously, my deepest condolences to you.

Tuition wise we got away easy on the BS side of things. About $15,000 in tuition for each one, which hubby and I (because we are so rich, LOL) are going to finish paying for next year or the year after.. (That $15,000 figure is after deducting about $7,500 in tax credits and with half the credits being earned at community college.)

Shyster school costs a mere $90,000 in tuition and each student will have about $45,000 in student debt because they mooched off us, we all ate dog food, wore burlap sacks, we sent the younger couple out with their babies to panhandle for money, as well as robbing a few banks as we traveled “that ribbon of highway” these past four summers, but nobody got hurt. LOL (If the FBI, NSA, CIA or any other government agency is monitoring what is said here, this bank robbery stuff is only a joke. And no we don’t really eat dog food or send the kids out to panhandle, thought panhandling is tempting. LOL)

If you go on the US News and World Report website and look at the rankings of law schools and the tuition rates, it is interesting. $30K per year is on the low mid-range, with lots of them approaching the almost $50K per year—even state schools. Some states like Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma are still in the teens for in-state tuition. I was curious about Loyola having a law school; it’s ranking, and the tuition rate.

I can understand professional school grads with lots of debt, but when I hear these stories of a bachelor’s grad with well over 100K in debt, with a teaching degree, I wonder if their elevator fails to stop on all the floors in their brain. With lots of these private schools having tuition of $20K and $30K per year, I understand how it gets there. What I can’t understand is who lets that be done to themselves and their parents. Friends have told me before, “Kimmy, you’re out of touch with reality.” To which I answer, “Yes and proud to be so!” LOL

What I hope is also on the humorous side is this. Years ago at the grocery store I saw a National Enquirer headline that said, “Eight in ten people hate their job!” What I wondered was, “What is wrong with the other two people. Are they brain dead?” LOL I wouldn’t say I hate my job, but if it wasn’t for our destitute financial situation, I wouldn’t prostitute myself by working there. And NO, I would not show for work ever again if I won the lottery. LOL. Seriously, we feel extremely blessed and fortunate to have jobs as a large portion of our fellow citizens lost their jobs and are still looking for work after the economic collapse in ‘08. And that sucks more than our jobs do. Also, our jobs keep us off the street and from trouble during the day and out of the bars at night because we’re too bushed after work.

I can’t tell you what a blow it came to me that “all lawyers don’t get rich.” LOL Butchman’s dad is a junior partner with a somewhat large firm, does well, but not getting rich, which is OK with him and his bride of several decades.

One of my standard jokes about what the kids are going to do after they graduate, if they can’t get jobs, is: go to cosmetology school. Seriously, with each having two somewhat marketable degrees they should be able to put bread on the table. As you said, most don’t get rich. And therein is why they were very careful not to get any deeper in debt than absolutely necessary. Most of what they earn working goes into tuition to keep debt down. That debt has to be paid with after tax dollars which makes repayment even more painful than it appears.

The nine Supremes (of the US Supreme Court) together make around $2million each year, which is an average annual salary of around $220K each. Over the years I’ve heard that Judge Judy earns between $10 million and $20 million dollars every year. Not bad! There’s no business like show business. LOL I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear the Supremes discuss this, as you know they must. LOL Jack Kennedy said, “Life isn’t fair . . . .” Few people know that these words followed, “some people are born health and others sickly.” He was speaking of himself, but few knew that detail of his life. Interesting guy. I bet Judy thinks it’s fair as she deals with those really important issues of life in her court. LOL

Speaking of those gunslingers, I Goggled our old friend Flee Baily to see how life has been treating him. Not so good it seems. Disbarred in Florida and then Massachusetts several years ago. Just got admitted to the bar in Maine.

Butchman is a voracious reader and I have read a few of his books about lawyers, like To be a Trial Lawyer by Bailey and Gunning for Justice by Gerry Spence and Joe Jamiel’s book also. All are interesting guys for certain.

Because I like to know something about what the kids are doing, I have also listened to BarBri lectures of theirs on the various core subjects of law school. Understood some of it and they are interesting for sure. A few of the quotes, I found most interesting. Like, “When the equities seem to be coming out wrong, think again, as our law is not so strange as to frequently be at odds with basic notions of fairness.” Another was, “We don’t allow our laws and courts to be the machinery of injustice, as may nations around the world do.”

And speaking of gunslingers of a different type, my heart is heavy with the news of another EVIL deranged man killing a dozen innocent people. My heart goes out to their families.