A Higher Degree of Worry

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A Higher Degree of Worry
Wed, 08-25-2010 - 10:43am

My beautiful 8lb. 4oz. baby girl is now leaving us. I feel like my other partner in life I grew up with is now moving on to her own life. What will my life be like with out her living with me?

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Wed, 08-25-2010 - 3:30pm

I enjoyed your writing--soon you will be on the Parents of College STudents board.

I did get a little laugh out of this though (which I'm sure isn't funny to you, but it will be): "When she is at college do I call her everyday and ask what she did and who she was with? Shouldn't I expect her back to the dorm room at a reasonable time? Not speaking to her for twenty-four hours is unacceptable to me. What if something happened? What if her phone isn't charged? What if she is hungry and her clothes are dirty?"

I know some kids call their moms every day but my DD (who's going to be a college senior this year) definitely wasn't one of them. When I hadn't heard from her in about a week, then I would call. Expecting her back to the dorm at a reasonable time? Now that is funny. As my cousin said, the good part about kids going to college is that you don't know what they are really doing. They go out when you are thinking about going to bed! The good part is they learn responsibility & doing things for themselves. My DD already knew how to wash her clothes and manage her money. If she's hungry, she can go to the cafeteria or I'm sure she'll find the local deli or place that sells food late at night--when I was in college, I remember a truck coming around & we would get cheese steak subs at midnight. Now the thought makes my stomach hurt.

Enjoy this year and know that your DD will change, but you will enjoy seeing her become more of an adult.

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Wed, 08-25-2010 - 4:49pm
My baby-DS17 is away at college has been there since July 8. He either calls me or I call him daily or we message each other on messenger. But after my DD26 moved out 6 yrs ago we would go days not talking (not my choice LOL) I probably tried to call everyday and she didn't answer the phone or return calls. She was always more independent than he was/is.