How many hours for part-time job?

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How many hours for part-time job?
Wed, 03-09-2011 - 12:30pm

A new study suggests that working more than 20 hours per week does more harm than good for high school students.

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Thu, 03-10-2011 - 12:43pm

It probably averages out to about 5 hours a week.

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Wed, 03-09-2011 - 6:55pm

My son (17) doesn't work during the school year.

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Wed, 03-09-2011 - 1:29pm

I think even 20 hrs a week is a lot for high school (during the school year).

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Wed, 03-09-2011 - 1:02pm
DS18 worked about 12 hours/week when in HS; now down to about 7 hours in college. He doesn't feel he could do more than that and still do what he needs to for school.