How many hours of sleep...

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How many hours of sleep...
Wed, 07-07-2010 - 11:27am

... does your teen get each night?

Studies show that moody teens may not be getting enough sleep each night.

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Wed, 07-07-2010 - 11:34am
My DS (13) gets 9 or 10 hours of sleep. We were homeschooling this year, with later start times so we had later bedtimes, but next year when he returns to public school (for grade 8), as he has to be up by 7 am, ideally every school night it'll be in bed and lights out by 9 pm. If he falls asleep right away, he'll be able to get 10 hours of sleep.
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Wed, 07-07-2010 - 11:55am

Because of his sleeping habits/social life we never see ds17; he gets in at 11 or 12 and we leave by 7am, but he's had work at 9 so I figure he's been getting up around 8.

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Wed, 07-07-2010 - 1:24pm

Well, DD really needs 11 hours a night. That's how long she will sleep and wake up naturally refreshed

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Wed, 07-07-2010 - 2:24pm

Definitely not during the school year--and next year in 9th grade, DS will have to get up & be on the bus an hour earlier than he did in 8th grade. It was difficult to get him up to be out of the house at 7:45 and now it will be 6:45. He always says that he's tired, yet it's such a hassle to get him to go to bed earlier! We'll definitely have to start off the next school year w/ an earlier bed time until he gets used to getting up.

As far as the summer, he stays up late and he's still in bed when I leave for work, so I guess he gets as much sleep as he needs.