How much time should teens spend on t...

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How much time should teens spend on t...
Tue, 11-11-2003 - 3:28pm

How much time should teens spend on the computer?

  • 1 hour a day
  • 2 hours a day
  • 1 hour weekdays, 2 hours weekend days
  • 2 hours weekdays, 3 hours weekend days
  • Unlimited if homework is done
  • Unlimited regardless of homework
  • Other

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Tue, 11-11-2003 - 8:56pm
I voted unlimited. We don't set a timer or anything like that! My 2 teens have lots of interests and activity going on. When one of them is on the computer, I don't really look at the clock and start timing them. After a while, maybe 15 minutes, mayber 1 or 2 hours, they will get off on their own and go on to something else. Also, we only have one computer, in a loft, in a central area. So they are not in their bedrooms where we can't see them.
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Tue, 11-18-2003 - 12:49pm
I don't set a timer either, my daughter and I share the computer, it's in the livingroom. After she completes her homework (some of which is done and turned in over the internet through her teacher's "websites") she can "visit" with her friends in New York (it beats the cost of long distance phone calls from California to New York.) She also emails and messages her father who is in New York, grandparents who are in Florida and her 25 yr old cousin who is touring Europe this year (he is currently visiting Spain). So she is usually on the computer when I get home. She enjoys cooking so once I'm "in the door" she gets off the comp and heads for the kitchen where she gets dinner started. I then take over on the computer for a bit. I administer a few websites for myself, her and a few friends, while I'm doing this I'm also answering emails, messages etc. After a couple of hours my eyes have "had it" since I work on a computer here at work all day LOL. (I'm at work as I post this). I then turn the computer back over to her and I get the televsion remote, the recliner and I work on a bit of crocheting or reading depending on my mood. She has never had a computer in her room, and I've always been pretty confident she hasn't been where she "shouldn't" be online...besides she knows that mom knows how to find out EXACTALLY where she has been online if I WANT to find This Christmas she is requestion a lap top that she can take to school with her, college is just around the corner afterall. Then she will have a computer in her room, and I will get the desktop all to myself.