HS graduation gift ideas please!

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HS graduation gift ideas please!
Tue, 06-17-2003 - 3:10pm
I am stuck on what to get my cousin's daughter for a graduation gift. Any suggestions?

Thank you.
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Tue, 06-17-2003 - 11:48pm
With us, it's $25 for 8th grade, $50 for HS, & $100 for college.
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Wed, 06-18-2003 - 10:46am
We gave one niece $50 and a toaster oven for her dorm room. Her sister who graduated four years later received a $100 check from us.
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Wed, 06-18-2003 - 4:23pm
We have a dd who graduated and here are some of our ideas: gift cards from Starbucks and Bed Bath and Beyond, down comforters, single cup coffee makers, short robe with flip flops, cute book bags.....
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Wed, 06-18-2003 - 7:55pm
I got $100 from one set of relatives...

Other ideas presented are good. Inquire to see if they have an amazon.com wishlist. You might get some interesting ideas from that!

Maybe a shower/laundry kind of present would be good, like lots of goodies in a pop-uphamper.

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Sun, 06-22-2003 - 3:34pm
My dd graduated from hs in May.....one thing she got that we loved.....monogramed towels. They bought a big towel and a wash cloth in her school colors...in this case purple.....they had it monogramed with the initials of the school and in my daughter's case....little paw prints were monogramed by this for the dog that is the college mascot. This mother did them for a bunch of the kids and it was so neat to see them all....very memorable!!! Shirley