I just have to say this to all of you

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I just have to say this to all of you
Thu, 11-06-2003 - 9:30am

I'm so proud of all of the parents here who post and that also includes the occasional teenagers who participate on this board!

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Thu, 11-06-2003 - 10:13am
Hey, you're our leader and you set the tone with all of your insightful, level-headed advice. You bring out the best in all of us. And I am very grateful for all of the great advice and support you have given to me over the year I have been an "official" mom of a teen.

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Thu, 11-06-2003 - 11:21am
I agree wholeheartedly with shadymom.

Thank YOU for all your advice.

I look forward to reading TWOKI posts.

You are so level headed - much more than I.

I'll neve forget when I was going beserk because my daughter (12 at the time) had been inappropriately approached on the computer.

You just said "it's time to pull the plug on that little lady"

... and I did just that.

That was 2 years ago. I've been hooked on this board -- sometimes more often than not -- but I keep coming back and keep an eye peeled for TWOKI posts.

I don't know what I'd do without this place to come to get perspective and screw my head on straight!

Thank you!!!

kkiana and MAG/Phirefly was always great, too!

Not to mention all the others who are too many to mention!