I'm A Newbie...

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I'm A Newbie...
Thu, 11-13-2003 - 3:51pm
i may be posting this twice. not sure if i know what i am doing.

i'mnew to ivillage and i wanted to say hello.

i have two teenagers and will be coming back to this board later to post and give my sympathy..LOL

and get some advice..

i've favorites to add..


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Thu, 11-13-2003 - 4:37pm
Hi Jonnie and welcome to the board.
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Thu, 11-13-2003 - 8:30pm
Hi jonnie and welcome to the board.

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Fri, 11-14-2003 - 8:12am
Welcome to the board jonnie! I love your screenname...grilledcheese with a wine glass! I'd love to be a "wine glass mom" (as in dinner with wine and candlelight!) but I'm more of a grilled chees mom in reality! Can't help it with 3 teen boys and a 12 1/2 DD!