It's an interesting year for the color guard

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It's an interesting year for the color guard
Tue, 08-28-2012 - 8:27pm

#1 has had a ridiculously eventful season so far, and she still has almost three months left!  During guard camp the coach was incredibly distracted, answering his phone over and over again, expressing frustration with his new relationship, and just generally being less than fully present with the guard.  Two weeks later at band camp, he was showing up late, leaving early, and disappearing for hours on end.  A week and a half later, he announces that he got a teaching job else where, and won't be coaching any more, but will still finish the choreography.  He has yet to show up again to any practices.  

Meanwhile, one of the girls moves away, and another announces that the flag work it too hard and she just doesn't show up for band camp.  The band director tried to find some replacements but they felt that they were too far behind and just don't enjoy it enough to join the squad.

The band director from my girls' old middle school is called in to coach the guard.  She had coached years ago, but stopped when she had some health issues.  #1 was concerned because the two coaches have drastically different styles.  Thankfully, the new (old?) coach is working with what had been already done.  

Dd's co-captain  has been nothing but bossy, but refuses to do any of the real work, leaving it all to dd but gets annoyed when she just gets stuff done.  Fun huh?

The good stuff is happening too though.  She is coaching the guard at her old middle school.  The squad is small this year, but dd loves the girls, and has re-choreographed their routine because the first one was far too easy for them.  She is currently baking them star shaped cookies because they "are my little stars!"

She spent this afternoon with her coach working through some of the high school show, and the coach asked her to finish the choreography for the second (of three) movements.  Very little of this movement was done, so she has a lot to do.  She is flying high!  She knows that her co-captain will give her grief about it but at this point she just doesn't care what the other girl thinks.

The first home football game of the season is Friday, and I'm really excited to see what they have gotten done during the half time show.

#2 has had a good season so far.  The freshman squad's coach is a delightful young woman who just graduated in May and is in college at a local school.  #2 spends most their show pretty much front and center, and is being featured a bit.  She came home today all excited because they got their dance choreography for the very beginning of the show and it's fun and playful.  I'm looking forward to see their show in a few weeks. 

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Wed, 08-29-2012 - 7:28am

Wow, what a year (and it's just beginning!). I hope things settle down now a bit with the coaching drama behind them and both your dds can just have fun with it - sounds like a fantastic opportunity for growth and leadership for them.

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Wed, 08-29-2012 - 11:04am

My DD is in band - they are a military style marching band, so we do not have a color guard.  We do have twirlers and a drill team (kick/dance line) that does not march.  I am guessing that your daughter is in a Corps style band?  I took DD and her co-section leader to a  DCI Competition in San Antonio this year.  They are percussionists and we all loved watching the different Corps perform.  I was in awe of some of the performances.   We were sitting next to a young man who was in the Corps that won the DCI Championship last year - they were so excited.  He let them see his Championship ring and he took a picture with them.  You would have thought they had met a rock star !!  It sounds like your daughter is awesome !!!

We also have our first football game this Friday - DD is in band and one DS plays football (he kicks - fairly safe).  Other DS is a cheer manager (guys in khakis and white shirts who carry the cheerleaders "stuff").  This should be a fun year with all three of them on the field doing something.  Hope you and your girls have a great year !!!  I keep telling mine that they are making memories that will still be with them when they have their own teeangers !!

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Wed, 08-29-2012 - 2:19pm

For me, it was very exciting, yet very poignant, to see both my bandos on the field together.  Even tho YDD went to all ODD's games and programs, and so knew most of the kids already, it was still new and different "enough" to be exciting for her.  But every game and program, like when they marched in Chicago's Columbus Day parade, was also ODD's last time, so I seemed to spend a lot of time sniveling as I helped on the sidelines, and a lot of my memories are a tiny bit blurry....  I hope you and your girls have a wonderful time this year!

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Wed, 08-29-2012 - 5:37pm
Sounds like your girls are off to a great start of the school year/guard season! Enjoy the game Friday night!
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Thu, 08-30-2012 - 9:41pm

Ecmama, congratulations to your girls and their continued commitment to and enjoyment of the HS activities.   The activities and the friends made doing them are with you for the rest of your life.  Reading about your DDs reminded me of our DDs a few years ago—very happy memories.  Enjoy them and the moment as all things pass into other things very quickly. 

All these strange happenings that your DDs are observing are really good in a strange way.  They are educational in that the DDs get to observe real people and are figuring out how to deal with real people in real life.  They will deal with these types of people and issues again and again during the rest of their lives.  It also gives them a window on not being those types of people.  Education is not limited to what occurs in a class room or comes from a text book. 

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Pam, these are a few thoughts regarding your son that I wanted to post a week or two ago, after I read your concern for your son and his difficulties with college.  I hope these words are of some help and comfort. 

Pam, I was thinking about your youngest son and all the body blows he and his parents have experienced in the last few years. I’m sure that none of this has been easy for any of you.  And it takes time to recover. 

Something that occurs to me is that it may be best for him to get those B plus grades in fewer units if a full load is toooooooooooooo much for him.  Like B plus in only 9 units would be better than C in a full load of 15 plus units.  One of the ladies in the office has a son that takes nine units each semester and 3 units in each of the two summer terms.  He is on track to graduate in 5½ years.  And that is within the normal range for college graduation nowadays.  At say 27, your son will not stand out as an old man when he graduates from college. 

Just something to consider.  And we’re all pulling for him, you, and dear old dad.  I think great things are ahead.  Looking forward to reading about them.