My grouchy girl is home!

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My grouchy girl is home!
Mon, 07-19-2010 - 12:50am

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Mon, 07-19-2010 - 6:53am

I'm sure she's exhausted, but I'm also guessing the trip will be one that she remembers and treasures the rest of her life. And what a great bonding experience, even if grandma drove her a little bit crazy. ;)


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Mon, 07-19-2010 - 8:20am
Crabby? She's probably exhausted and totally tapped out. Traveling with grandma may have been a wild experience, but also one she'll remember for many years after grandma is gone.
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Mon, 07-19-2010 - 12:03pm

I'm glad she had a good time! Why not let her sleep in a few days and then let her have time to get her pics uploaded so she can share them with everyone! That would be a fun evening, just sitting around looking at pics and letting her tell the stories.

She'll be fine in a few days, I'm sure!

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