My only consolation is Payback Time

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My only consolation is Payback Time
Thu, 04-10-2003 - 11:42am
I keep thinking to sometime in the future when my ds has kids of his own, and they become teens, they'll give him back what he dishes out to me. Yesterday, my mom went to pick him up from school because it was raining, but he had indoor track practice. It was until 5 and he told my mom that he would walk home. She brought his backpack home for him, but he had the cell phone. I get home at 5:30, no kid. At 5:45, I call the cell. No answer. At 6 I start to panic and drive to the school. There are kids on the track, but they're from another school. I drive through town looking for him. Can't find him. I get back home, I park in the front instead of the garage because I figure I'd have to go out again. I call the cell again. No answer. I start calling his friends. Finally, I find him at a girl's house (he was with other kids) who lives pretty close to us. I start screaming at him that it's 6:40!! Why the hell didn't you call me!! I was worried!!! He tells me that he left me a message at 5:30. I told him there was no message on the machine. Then he tells me that it's only 5:40!! Apparently, the people never changed their clocks so he thought it was an hour earlier and he left the message when I was driving around looking for him. ARRRGGHHH! Anyway, I was so upset that this morning, I went to my garage and my car wasn't there. I thought it was stolen, but then remembered that I had left it in the front. And then when ds comes walking outside, he said real sarcastically, "Forget where you parked?" Payback, I keep thinking. Payback.
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Sat, 04-12-2003 - 8:54am
OMG - I am laughing and crying! I can't believe how my 15 (almost 16!) year old dd has all of a sudden started thinking AND telling me that I am annoying!! And the part you mentioned about singing the words wrong to a song.........every time I do, she and her 13 yo sister look at each other and roll their eyes!!

I was glad to hear that your mom said she only remembered the good things. I will always try to remember that!


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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 7:57pm
Aww ... that brought back many conversations I've had with my parents.

My sisters and brother really did put my parents thru h*** and back while they were in their teens. And yet, my mom steadfastly says that she does not remember 99% of what happened in those years. They have all turned out great and have a loving relationship with our parents now.

I thought I'd have to wait for YEARS, like till my now nearly 19 yo dd was married with kids of her own to ever have her finally say something on her own accord that showed she understood the *whys* of the things she loathed most when in her early and mid-teens. yet, she shocked me a few months ago. She and her closest friend were sitting here on Friday evening, chatting to me about *stuff*, lol. Her friend commented yet again that my dd was the only one of them that stood her ground and didn't get drawn into a lot of stuff that went on. This turned to talk of how I'd had to spend HOURS the prior evening talking to her 11.5 yo sister about a lot of stuff going on and me groaning over how I just CAN'T go thru ALL that talking ALLLL over again; maybe I'd just skip it this time around. My dd was KNITTING (LOL) and looked up and said, ever-so-calmly, 'Well, I think it's important for parents to really talk to their teens. I never had to go ask my friends or try something out to find out what I wanted to know and I think that made all the difference", and went back knitting. My ears nearly fell off my head. I looked at her for a long moment and then ventured VERY CAUTIOUSLY, lol, 'soo ... does that mean that alll those hated, loathed, dreaded talks are now something you actually think were good?!?" And she glanced at me with a faintly surprised look and said, 'Of course, mom." OH YES, *OF COURSE*, silly ME! LOL!

I'm sure EVERY parent LIVES for the payback moment :-)

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Thu, 04-10-2003 - 7:36pm
When my Mom was growing up she was terrible to my Grandmother, LOL! My Grandmother used to tell her, "One day you're going to have a little Sheila of your own!", LOL, then when my Mom had me, she called my Grandmother and told her she was right, she had a little Sheila of her own and she was so sorry she ever gave my Grandmother fits! LOL! Of course, I was the next little Sheila and I just know when I have kids I'm going to have little Courtneys running around, LOL!


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Thu, 04-10-2003 - 2:42pm
Oh how sweet. Your mom sounds wonderful. And you do too, for feeling so guilty. Now, if only some of that guilt could rub off on our teens. LOL!
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Thu, 04-10-2003 - 1:30pm
ROFLMAO ~ This past September when I called my mother to wish her a happy 80th B'day, I began crying on the phone as I recalled all the times that I probably made my mom feel ugly, stupid, fat, and when told her she 'annoyed' me. Why the sudden pangs of guilt? Oh, that's easy. It's because my 15 y/o, who used to be the 'good one' is now giving me MY paybacks. She loves to tell me how I sang a word wrong to a song on the radio and she LOVES to tell me when I'm annoying her (which might be just as I'd doing something for HER!).

Anyway, when I told my mom why I was crying, she laughed and said, "Oh, dear. You were such a sweet, quiet girl. I only remember the good stuff - the rest I foget. Now don't worry about it and you'll see - when your girls grow up you'll forget all this nonsense too. It's all part of her growing away from you - its normal."

I dried my tears and told her she was the best. And then she said, "Why do you think I used to hide in my bedroom all the time? It was to get away from you and your sisters!"