New book for reluctant teen readers!

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New book for reluctant teen readers!
Fri, 04-27-2012 - 10:38pm

"180 Days" by Christopher Barnes is written for the reluctant young reader. Anna Shields has just started high school and has no idea how she will survive. She is self-conscious, shy, unsure of who her true friends are, and never able to open her locker. Yet she is wise beyond her years, in-love with her English class assignments and dreaming of bumping into the football team’s quarterback (even though he doesn’t know she exists). With no real audience in mind, Anna takes her pen and paper for a ride each school day, chronicling her entire freshman (or freshwoman) year at Tilghman High School. Day 1 is about to begin and her snooze alarm is on its fourth go-around already. Only 179 to go…

185 pages, available in paperback and as a downloadable PDF.

Thank you so much!