Pot smoking before school

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Pot smoking before school
Wed, 09-15-2010 - 11:44am

My Ds who just started 9th grade told me that there are kids who smoke pot at the bus stop before school at 6:45. You would think we lived in the city but this is a typical suburb. I know that kids drink beer in the woods behind my house but my older DD never just "hung out" in the woods. Yes, I do know that she tried alcohol when she was in high school and it was at people's houses--I'm not that naive. But it amazes me that people would be so blatant to smoke pot in the day time right out in public. I really pity high school teachers. And he said that he doesn't go to the bathroom in school (and only has a little water at lunch) cause kids are there either smoking cigarettes or pot! There is not even supposed to be smoking of cigarettes anywhere on school property which is why if you drive by in the a.m. you see a huddle of kids on the sidewalk just off school grounds smoking. Just another thing for me to worry about!

I read conmama's post with interest because he said the girls who did it have ADD and they said they are on Adderal & that's why they smoke. I really don't get the connection of how the 2 drugs interact.

I live in MA and now possession of a small amt. of pot is not criminal any more, it's just a fine. But aside from that, possession of certain drugs w/in 1 mile of a school has a higher penalty & we live w/in a mile of the elementary school.

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Wed, 09-15-2010 - 2:18pm

Yes, it's everywhere. It actually seemed to be more prevalent among the Middle and High schoolers in the small rural area we moved from a year ago than in the small "city" high school dd's in now. The kids claimed there wasen't much to do (true) so a few scrounged it from parents and the kids smoked. It was also noted that the use was heavier among the kids that had to go to the office for their ADD meds- curious, huh?

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Wed, 09-15-2010 - 4:25pm
Just as a bit of trivia, there is a guy called George Jung who graduated from the high school of our town in the 60's who used to be a major pot dealer then basically started the importation of cocaine into the US--the movie Blow was made about him. But I was really shocked to learn that the most prevalent drug in our area is heroin! I can see kids smoking pot but shooting heroin? I thought that was crazy, but I guess it's cheap.
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Wed, 09-15-2010 - 9:36pm

I'm always surprised when people are surprised by drug use. My dd#1 goes to one of the "best" public high schools in our state (19th in the state). The district is solidly upper middle class, and parents are pretty involved. Drug use is plenty common. In fact marijuana, is so common in this area that rouge plants grow along the side of the road in the outlying areas.

Last year, dd's freshman year, a handful of her classmates were expelled for drug use. These kids were bold enough to go up to the resource officer while high. The year previous another group of students were expelled as well. FWIW some of these students are "honor" students. I fully expect to hear of more this year.

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Thu, 09-16-2010 - 11:45pm
Where I live, heroin use is definitely on the rise...and also heroin deaths.

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Thu, 09-23-2010 - 11:33am

This type of story is probably a familiar one to many parents as it is happening across the country in both suburbs and cities. Being worried is a normal response and an emotion felt by many parents as they send their children back to school this school year.

While it might not completely eliminate the worry, being as educated as possible can help. This will enable you to educate your child as well as be aware of potential warning signs that could mean there is a risk of drug use or abuse. Education can also help to empower you as a parent to make the right decisions regarding how best to take action.

I wanted to share parenting tips and tools developed by Caron Treatment Centers (nonprofit addiction treatment center) that I think you will find helpful if you are a parent of a teenager: http://www.caron.org/parenting-tips-and-tools.html

It's critically important for parents to start talking to their children about the dangers of drug and alcohol use at an early age. Parents need to communicate clear expectations to their teens and encourage them to feel comfortable talking about their problems and asking for help.

Thank you musiclover12 for starting this eye-opening discussion!

Karen Pasternack, Caron Treatment Centers