reading/book ideas 14/15 yo DD

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reading/book ideas 14/15 yo DD
Sun, 11-16-2003 - 12:03pm
What types of books do your teens read?

My DD reads 2-3 books, mostly novel length per week. She has pretty much read almost every book in the young adult section of the library. She tends to stay with fiction and contemporary writing, fantasy, medieval times, etc although she enjoys some non-fiction and classics like Lord of the Flies, Lord of the Rings, East of Eden, Gone with the Wind...

I've been going into the adult section for her to pick out some books like John Grisham or James Patterson... but many of those books are really "R" or even "X" rated. I'm mainly concerned about books that are too sexually explicit. And, to give them to her means I have to read them myself. I am an avid reader, but not as much as DD.

So, do you have any ideas for books for teens? Any websites that do teen book reviews?



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Sun, 11-16-2003 - 6:59pm
There is Frank Herbert (Author of Dune) Jennifer Dunne author of fantasy and science fiction books. I adored Ray Bradbury and Issac Asimov when I was in highschool.
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Sun, 11-16-2003 - 10:05pm
I have to confess that at ages 14 and 15, although all my kids liked to read and they all HAVE read classics and enjoyed them, the girls really enjoyed popular fiction (AKA "fluff") like the Judy Blume books, Sweet Valley Twins High School and College series, books about troubled teens (Go Ask Alice and I Never Promised You A Rose Garden for example) and those books about teens with fatal illnesses (can't remember the author's name now, but everyone always tended to have leukemia or cystic fibrosis or whatever in them)best. Ds on the other hand tends to gravitate more toward the teen horror genre (Christopher Pike, R L Stine, Lois Duncan, et al.)

I always made it a point to read what the kids were reading, not because I planned to censor their reading in anyway, but because I tend to be the voracious reader in the family. At 14, I was much as you describe your dd being.

Here's some titles I enjoyed in my teens:

Joy In The Morning

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

Captain From Castile

Stephen King's Firestarter

Stephen King's Dead Zone

Marlys Millhiser's The Mirror

Katherine Kurtz' Deryni trilogy (Deryni Rising, High Deryni, and a third I forget the name of right now.)

Anything by Andre Norton, although my particular favorite was her Witch World series

Anything by Madeleine L'Engle

Anything by Ursula K Le Guin

Anything by Anne McCaffrey

Pearl Buck's The Good Earth

The Moonstone

Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes mysteries

Georgette Heyer and Clare D'Arcy Regency romances

Zane Grey Westerns

House Of The Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Anything by Jane Austen (although Pride and Prejudice was my favorite)

Other good books that may be appropriate for teens that are more current include:

Anything by Tamora Pierce

The Harry Potter series

Phillip Pullman's Golden Compass trilogy

Diana Wynn Jones

Diane Duane's Young Wizards series

Biographies such as those about Hillary Clinton or John Adams

Some mysteries such as those by Elizabeth George, or "cozy" mysteries, such as "The Cat Who" series. Some even feature cooking and recipes in them, LOL. The Mystery Book Board might be able to help you out here. I get lots of reading recommendations from them.

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Mon, 11-17-2003 - 8:05am
Good ideas Thanks!

I can't believe I forgot about some of these titles...

I loved Pride and Prejudice, too ... and knowing my DD's taste, she will as well.

That's going to be next on the list.

A biography is a good idea, too !

Thanks for the jump start!

If anyone else has ideas, keep them coming!

I'm pulling together a book list for when I go blank on ideas.

Thanks again!