she's growing too fast

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she's growing too fast
Mon, 08-09-2010 - 10:19pm
I have a 15 year old daughter.
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Mon, 08-09-2010 - 10:59pm

There's really no way for any of us to know where she is going to end up.

I've made it pretty clear to my daughter than during this growth period, we are going to be cautious with cost.

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Mon, 08-09-2010 - 11:31pm

Well, if I makes you feel any better I just bought my 15yodd three new bras, 34Cs. My 11yodd out grew her 32As that I bought at the beginning of the summer, so we need to pick up some new ones for her. Bras, and out growing them, is just a part of having girls.

My dd#1 likes bras from Arie. She particularly like the "Hannah" bra that has an extra hook on the back to convert it into a racer back. Arie currently has all bras on sale 30% off, including the clearance rack. One for the bras we got was $13.

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Mon, 08-09-2010 - 11:39pm
A 32A to a 34B is basically only ONE size up, so I don't see the expense--or the problem. Do you complain about buying her new underpants, or new shoes when she wears out the old ones? Get real. And if the problem is that she wants the newest, fanciest, most expensive ones, and you are silly enough to buy them, the cure for that is one word. NO.
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Tue, 08-10-2010 - 12:51am
In a year and a half she went up one size, that's not expensive. I could understand if you bought them in July and 2 weeks later she needs new ones, but 18 months is plenty of time to put aside money for undergarments. For what its worth breast size changes constantly.
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Tue, 08-10-2010 - 7:28am

That's not all that huge of a change in sizes over the course of 18 months... as for where she's going to end up, that depends on genetics as well as how her weight fluctuates. And it's genetics coming from BOTH parents... my mother has never worn anything bigger than a 34A, but several of my sisters and I need a C or D cup, and while we have a few pounds to loose, none of us are obese. So where did THAT come from? Just take a look at my dad's sisters and it's pretty obvious - both of them had reduction surgery to rid themselves of constant back pain about 20 years ago.

If you're buying high-end Victoria's Secret bras at this point, and buying enough so she has all the cute styles... yep, you're going to go broke buying bras. Target, K-Mart, Shopko all have decent bras at $10-15 each, and realistically, if a girl has 3 or 4, it's very doable, just wash them more often.

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Tue, 08-10-2010 - 9:25am

She'll probably continue to "fill out" for a couple of years after her period starts.

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Tue, 08-10-2010 - 9:39am


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Tue, 08-10-2010 - 4:48pm
Well I never had this problem w/ my DD since she's 21 & still flat chested and she's been buying her own bras for a long time--being flat, she really has the cutest bras. She buys a lot from Aerie. However, I felt the same way w/ my DS & buying jeans. I bought him all new ones at Christmas--I have to buy at least 4-5 since he wears them every day and we don't want to be doing laudry all the time, but then it seemed like a couple of months later, he already outgrew them. I know he grew 4 ins. in a year and he's still growing. His dad said he had a big growth spurt in 9th grade which is DS' age.
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Wed, 08-11-2010 - 11:03am

I don't think that is a huge growth either. Basically it is one size in a year and a half? My dd is 13 1/2 and when she left at the beginning of the summer she was a 34A and now that she is home, she is needing the next size 36A, but she just started her cycle.