Teens & Money- "The Talk"

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Teens & Money- "The Talk"
Mon, 09-20-2010 - 1:08pm

Teens and money -- two things that can be a challenge to manage. Putting them together can make navigating these years very tricky for parents. Have a question about talking to your teens about finances? Post your questions for our guest expert, Vanessa Van Petten, and get some insight on how best to approach the topic of money with your kids.


About Vanessa:

Vanessa Van Petten, teen author of the parenting book "You're Grounded!," writes Radical Parenting.com along with 120 teens, ages 12-19 to help adults get an honest view into the world and mind of youth. Her site contains thousands of articles, videos, screencasts and live chats written by Van Petten, 82 teen writers and trendsetters from 34 different countries to offer adults a window into the daily lives of their teen and tween kids. Through her website she also runs a Teen Speakers Bureau, Youth and Parent Focus Groups,Private Social Networks for Parent and Teen Bloggers, and Webinar Series.

Vanessa's Mission Statement: To improve parent-teen relationships by providing them with new perspectives, stories and neutral places to communicate. This will help families institute values and build strong relationships that promote healthy attitudes and lifestyle behaviors in this generation of young adults.

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