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I am not a parent of a teen, but an older sister. My sister is 14, and I am 28. My mom is in the hospital, and has been for 2.5 months. She will probably be there a few more months at least. Here is my problem.

My sister has been a problem for the past year or more, wont listen to my mom and does what ever she wants. Well when she is here I wont put up with it. She has consequences.

Anyways, she is failing most of her classes and has lots of absences. She is ditching classes during the day. Ive tried talking with her, rewarding her, having consequences etc.

Well today I get called at work, and she has got a citation for truancy. She has to appear in court! I am so mad. I take her and pick her up so I know she is there on time. Here is the thing, legally I cannot take her to court because I am not her legal guardian. I also cannot call the school and get information on her grades and absences.


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Can you get power of attorney from your mom so that you can make her decisions for her while she's laid up? Best of luck..
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I agree, get power of attorney.

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Hugs Karri, you are definitely in a bad situation at the moment with our sister. I don't know what state you are in or what your state laws are, but I know here in Texas, the parents are responsible and when a truancy is taken to court, they are the ones in trouble for it, though the judge does have leniency depending on the circumstances behind the truancy issues. A power of attorney for guardianship makes the most sense normally, but you would want to check with an attorney on this one because if you have a power of attorney and more truancy issues happen, you could be held legally responsible for it, including jail time and fines, even if you are taking and dropping her off at the door each day. While you indicated you can't represent her in court, you can hire an attorney to represent her or find out how to have the court assign her a guardian ad litem to represent her best interests while your mom is unavailable to.
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I agree with Arryl on this. The OP may not want to gain power of attorney because then she'd be held responsible for behavior she was in no position to control. Honestly, as hard as it is, I'd contact social services for some help. This child needs a mother and she needs counseling. Having a sick parent who is hospitalized for months is reason enough to get outside help. These behavioral issues will only get worse.