Would you allow or if allow isn't the right word, be "okay" with this?

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Would you allow or if allow isn't the right word, be "okay" with this?
Sat, 04-02-2011 - 9:03pm

As I posted a little while ago, my 14 yr old dd recently revealed that she's bi-sexual and I wasn't sure that I handled it really well but at any rate, it's not been a huge topic of conversation and quite frankly we've had bigger fish to fry so to speak.

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I am going to agree with you. You don't know what the backlash may be and she has to put up with it in HS. In HS they ususally have support groups set up to give support to each other. I also don't think the whole world needs needs or really cares to know a young lady's sexual orienation, it is not our business. I am not in favor of young ladies flaunting their sexuality at such young ages, no matter what their preferences may be.

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Does she plan to wear it to school? Is it even permitted there? Maybe you can suggest that if it's not permitted at school, it's something she would have to come up with the money for as it's not 'needed' for school wear...
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High school is a mean place,especially to those that are clearly " different" from the rest of the school population.I mean goth. Atleast when I went to highschool goth's were not tolerated and at my particular high school 2 actually committed suicide because of the torment they went through. 90% of my fibres are telling me your daughter should not invest in this t-shirt,not until shes maybe in her 20's.People in their 20's tend to have the maturaty level to tolerte anyone and everything, Iam 23 I should know.Minus a select few of course.The other 10% of me says maybe wearing the t-shirt would be a good test.If she wears it out and about to the mall or something and if she recieves backlash or stares or comments and can't handle that,she deffinitly wouldn't be ready to handle highschool.

Her wearing a t-shirt like that in highschool would not be wise,and at 14 she probably isn't capable of dealing with the torment that would likely come with wearing something like that. She can be who she wants to be,but at 14 you can't fully grasp the concept that certain actions have certain concequences.Maybe she could just wear the shirt at home or out and about but just not to school.


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Your instincts are right on target, and again, it sounds like you're handling it well.

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BTW it is considered cool to be bi if you're a girl (at least guys think so, because so much porn is "lesbian" porn and our culture encourages it),