ADHD and my Daughter

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ADHD and my Daughter
Tue, 12-18-2007 - 9:57pm
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Mon, 12-24-2007 - 3:15pm

My 6yo daughter has ADD, and is also extremely hyper, however, I do have her on a small dose of Adderall during the week for school. Otherwise, she has problems paying attention, doing her work, she bothers the other kids, and just doesn't pay attention.

If her Dr prescribed her medication, you should talk to the Dr again and let him know that you aren't giving it to her...I struggled with this issue for over a year before I decided to try it. I was worried it was going to get rid of her spunk and personality, but thankfully, it hasn't. She is simply more attentive, it doesnt' take 15 mins to calm her down if shes being too wild, and she does better in the classroom.

Try some computer games @ home, my daughter also loves and Anything other than tv or movies! I can also keep her busy with crafts, Play-Doh, and helping me cook or chores.

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Wed, 12-26-2007 - 12:32pm

I am new here, so disregard if any of this has already been tried...

She sounds bored...

I would find a spot and let her jump rope in the house.

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Tue, 01-08-2008 - 6:54am


Have you ever considered getting her music lessons of some sort? I have 3 daughters, and the "Hyper" one really takes to piano, and has sinces take to banjo.

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Tue, 01-08-2008 - 4:47pm
Okay I do not want to start a debate, esspessally being new here lol. Have you had your daughter looked at for Sensory Processing disorder? It may be worth having an evaluation done by an OT as sometimes kids who have SPD are misdiagnosed ADHD, I know because they did it to my 6 year old. They have very similar apperances except SPD i treated with OT no meds. In fact almost all kids with ADHD have SPD as well. Since you do not give her the meds it may be a great thing to have looked at as an OT can give you great tips on mellowing her out. I love the burning off energy thats a great thing. Also you can try jumping, running in place, a trampoine, a punching bag (the inflatable kids kind). If SPD is an issue there is skin brushing with a special brush, playing soft music and turning the lights down, swingging, and massages etc. I hope that helped :)



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Mon, 01-14-2008 - 2:27pm

Just sort of delurking lately..I never have time for boards anymore, but as the former leader of the Kids with ADHD board I thought I'd pipe in.

Your dd needs more physical outlets most likely. Karate is a great sport for kids with ADHD. Even just having them, run, play, walk dogs, jump rope, use a trampoline, but sports like soccer are really great.

Also, like another poster said, music lessons are wonderful for kids with ADHD. Start with the drums. Then perhaps consider dance classes.

Don't feel guilty about using medication if you feel it's prescribed by a dr who knows what they're talking about. How do you even know if your dr gave you the right med and the right dose? I don't know everything, but with a husband with ADHD and two kids with it, along with co-morbid disorders, I can truly tell you, she will never outgrow this. Sure, her hyperactivity will take on new forms that seem less pervasive, but she's always going to have ADHD and the earlier a child is given the right combination of treatment (parents, school, meds, doctor) they better off they are. Take it from me, I have huge regrets. My kids could have done so much better

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Sat, 01-19-2008 - 6:58pm
My 6 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with ADHD as well. I do not know what meds your doctor put you on but when I raised my concern with my doctor about the meds he put it this way: "It is like knowing your child needs glasses but not letting them wear them - making them go through life with blurry vision." The meds for ADHD has gotten much negative press from people who do not know that they are talking about. My doctor said that the meds commonly given for ADHD are not harmful or addicting. They may cause sleep and eating issues but not harmful to health. In fact my doctor has a son who has ADHD - I hope this helps. If you have concerns you should contact your doctor.
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Wed, 01-23-2008 - 12:25pm

Hello my son is also ADHD and he is also ODD, OCD and border line bipolar. I understand where you are coming from on the meds I didnt want to put my son on anything either we started with just ADHD and he has progressed to other things . But we tried the meds and after 2 1/2 yrs have found that the meds are rally hard not only on the child but parent and teachers as well. We have found a med called Daytrana Patch this is awesome my middle son is 9 and he lost about 20pds on other meds with this we have no side affects his personality is the same and he eats very well. I was alot like you about keeping them busy and getting rid of energy but when I started seeing the results also at school that is when I felt it was time for a change . He