all her teeth are falling out!!!

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all her teeth are falling out!!!
Sun, 07-13-2008 - 5:18pm

please tell me that this has happened to someone else! My daughter turned six on May 8th. over the past year she lost her four front bottom teeth (two adult teeth are almost completley sprouted.) last week she lost one of her top front teeth and now the other is loose!!! I can see the beginings of an adult tooth coming through.

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Mon, 07-14-2008 - 10:50am

Hi there!

My now 8 yo dd had that problem when she was 6 1/2, she had all these loose teeth and as soon as she would lose one then it seemed like the next day she would discover yet ANOTHER loose tooth!

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Mon, 07-14-2008 - 1:19pm

DS is 6 1/2 and lost the first one two weeks ago, second one is almost out (both on the bottom) and the top 2 are loose. Dentist says they'll likely all be gone by the end of the month! He loves corn on the cob and I have to cut all the corn off for him! :)

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Mon, 07-14-2008 - 2:32pm
Hi my name is Amanda, and speaking of teeth can anyone relate to this?
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Mon, 07-14-2008 - 9:42pm
Both the twins have, but they also got them early.


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Wed, 07-23-2008 - 4:11pm
LOL!!!! My daughter is going through the same thing. She is 6 1/2 years old and she has already has lost 7 teeth (4 from the bottom and 3 from the top). I took her to the dentist because i was a little concerned. He told me that it was normal and her teeth and gums are healthy. So dont worry your not alone!!!!!!! :)


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Sat, 07-26-2008 - 2:58am
my DD turned 7 in April. she had already lost bottom 2 but this month alone she has lost top 2 front and one more on bottom. the tooth fairy is broke!
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Sat, 07-26-2008 - 1:45pm

Hi Amanda,
My son had the same thing happen to him. His two front bottom teeth grew in behind the baby teeth. I noticed for a while that the baby teeth were loose, but they never would become looser. Well, as soon as I saw the permanent teeth coming in behind, we went to the dentist. He had the 4 bottom teeth (baby teeth) pulled b/c there was just no room for the other teeth to come in. Because the permanent teeth were coming in behind the baby teeth, they were not dissolving the roots of the baby teeth, which is why the teeth were not getting looser. Once the teeth were pulled, the permanent teeth moved into position in the right spots in his mouth. Now all is well.

Hope this helps!

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Tue, 07-29-2008 - 12:48am