Almost 6 yr old? Any video gift ideas?

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Almost 6 yr old? Any video gift ideas?
Mon, 12-05-2005 - 11:13pm

My dd will be 6 in Feb. My Dad usually gets her "big" gift but i dont know what to tell him this year. She has a Leapster, which she really doenst use too often.

I am thinking one of those Play stations or something. Or a Game Boy?


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Tue, 12-06-2005 - 10:11am

We have the playstation 1, gamecube and gameboy. I think it all depends on her interests whether she would like one of these or not.

As far as my opinion goes, I'd go with a gamecube or gameboy just because Nintendo's games are geared more towards kids and there are more to chose from. Playstation and Xbox gear their games more to adults but there are good kid's games out there too-I just don't see the selection in them as compared to Nintendo.

I don't have a V-smile or Leapster and really its my son and husband that play the video games although my daughter will play sometimes depending on the game. If your daughter isn't really interested in gaming then whatever you get may not be worth the money because she won't use it.

I'm trying to think of some other suggestions that would work for you and it really depends on what your daughter is interested in. My daughter loves arts and crafts so we've gotten her alot of little things rather than one or two big items. I've always told other family members who may be buying for her to get books or a gift card to a book store rather than big items so I've never been in the situation you are in either.

Hope this helps!

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Tue, 12-06-2005 - 12:28pm
My vote is for the GameBoy or the PlayStation. The GameBoy is great great for traveling also. There are movies that she could watch as well as playing games for the GameBoy. The PlayStation2 is what Ben has in his room. He enjoys playing the SpongeBob games, racing games, and you can play DVD's too! He doesn't have a DVD player in his room so the PlayStation2 serves two purposes! As far as the PlayStation2 games...just be sure to look at the warning label. There are plenty of E games for everyone. Also, here we have stores that sale used games with a guarantee that are much less expensive than the new ones. So check into that as well. The games can get very expensive for both!!! Good Luck.
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Wed, 12-07-2005 - 11:11pm

What about a video-kareoke machine? She can make videos and sing all in one. =)

PS> We have a playstation and a game boy. I like the game boy better because the games are cheaper and more appropriate. Grand daddy bought it for him so I had no choice, LOL! Honestly he doesn't use it that much...jsut on long trips int he car, an occasional weekend when I go garage sale-ing or when he has to come with me to work for an hour. It's certainly not worth the money put into it because we monitor it so much. I will say, though, a thousand times over that it's TONS better than sitting in front of that TV set! UG! *wink*

Good luck!

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