Bath question!!!!

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Bath question!!!!
Wed, 01-04-2006 - 2:50pm

Hello, Just curious if any mom's still take occasional bath/shower with their daughters. I took a bath with my daughter the other day (she is in 2nd grade) no big deal I don't think. We put on mud masks and listened to the radio etc. My ex husband is freaking out saying how inappropriate it is becuase my daughter told him how much fun we had. So just wanted others view point.


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Wed, 01-04-2006 - 5:01pm

Well, here is what I think. :) (Get ready, America! Susan has an OPINION!!!)

I think that different families have different comfort levels with 'family nudity.' I think it is an innate thing that we all have and I think each family should go with what feels comfortable for them.

If, after your husband truly has had time to think about it and digest it, after he really considers that you are both girls, that she will be changing her swimsuit in open locker rooms at the pool with other females, that she will be changing her gym clothes in open locker rooms with other females in highschool, and that, for goodness sakes, if she ever shops in Lohmans as an adult, she had better be prepared to dump modesty at the door, and he STILL has a problem with it, THEN I think maybe you could do your facials with robes on. I would do it just as a concession to his level of comfort, which is clearly less then yours. But I bet after he thinks through all of this, he will reconsider. :) You could also point out that your daughter seeing you naked and comfortable in your skin is a good balance for all the unrealistic physical expectations the media is about to throw her way. It will help contribute to a healthy body image.

I have a problem with my four year daughter seeing my husband naked and my nearly seven year old son seeing me naked. But that's a 'girl-boy' thing and is just me. So we have a privacy rule in our house that little boys don't see naked mommies and little girls don't see naked daddies. But I have lots of friends who don't care about this in their own homes. I say, whatever feels right - go for it.


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Wed, 01-04-2006 - 9:22pm

Not a bath but often times when I am in the shower on the weekends - one or even both of my girls (they are 6) strip and jump in with me. We wash our hair and then I fill the tub up and they stay in and play while I finish getting ready in the bathroom - naked.

They also occassionally jump in with their dad, this I am trying to discourage more as they are now at an age that I feel they shouldn't be in their with him but am trying to do it slowly so that it isn't seen as a big deal or "wrong" just that seeing daddies naked should now be stopped as they get older.

I think seeing me comfortable in my body will help them in the future as I am definitly overweight but happy (ok as not happy but as resigned as I can be) and not self conscious around them.

So I say whatever both you and DH feel comfortable with - I agree with Susan - it is a personal choice and you should talk further with DH about it.



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Wed, 01-04-2006 - 10:30pm
I will agree with the other posters, i don't see the problem with same sexes sharing a shower, bath, etc...

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Thu, 01-05-2006 - 1:42pm

I don't think there is a problem with same sexes still doing it.

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Fri, 01-20-2006 - 6:37pm
Hey, if the gals had a good time and shared quailty time, what else mattes?! *wink* Seriously, what else does matter? The girls had a great itme and you really did get quality time together? Dad is just jealous! LOL!!! I think it's a great idea!

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Sat, 01-21-2006 - 8:49pm


I take baths with my 7 year old and 5 year old every so often in the jaquizzi tub I see nothing wrong with it because I am a woman and we have the same parts. My husband has never ever peed or been naked in front of them when they were in car seats like 2 weeks old he would turn the car seats around if they had to be in the bathroom with him. I do not want my daughters seeing my nephews diaper being changed etc because he is a male and obviously has different parts than them but as far as a woman goes I really don't have a problem with it.

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Sun, 01-22-2006 - 6:24pm
I lived in Norway for a couple of years and saw naked people and kids of all ages in their biggest city park. Nobody but my DH batted an eye. They all go to the beach with families and many kids will go naked until 7 years of age or later. My neighbours used to water the plants on their balcony naked(caused us some laughs since when they were bending over). Just kidding.
So, it is all a perspective and I see nothing wrong in taking a bath with your DD, but then again maybe I am wrong.
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