Behavior problem at school

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Behavior problem at school
Tue, 06-05-2007 - 8:38pm
I had a meeting with my daughters 1st grade school teacher, it seems like she has been pulling her pants down in class showing her bottom, pulling up her dress, and showing her belly. She is poking kids with her finger till they get mad at her,and she seems to be disturbing all the kids in class. She has been puzzled to why the kids wont play with her or be her friend, and today i found out why? My hubby (her dad) is a alcoholic and I think maybe she is having this behavior problem because of that. How can I correct it? I want to Make sure she is growing up with the right manners. I looked into the big sister program and girl scouts to try to get her to hang around kids her age away from school. Anything else is that can be helpful let me know...thanks
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Thu, 06-07-2007 - 4:44pm

What a goofball LOL :) !! Sounds as if your little one is just wantin' some attention-"Hey look at me everybody, I have 10 fingers!" I wouldn't worry about it. None of it's bad really-No one is getting hurt physically/mentally. As far as the stuff with her dad goes-she may need some extra attention while you guys work it out-who wouldn't right? I think she's fine as long as she's not withdrawling or acting out in anger towards herself or others. She'll soon figure out that mooning her classmates won't make her any friends (until high school anyway).

Good Luck!

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Thu, 06-07-2007 - 8:15pm
Did you just want to hide when they told you that? I've been there. Chat me up one day and we can swap stories when this is a bit behind you and we can laugh or cry together.
I wonder if you've just talked to her about her behavior and asked her why she's doing it? My DS usually comes out w/a true, though hilarious story, about his dumb antics. She may be acting out to get friends b/c she doesn't have them now. 7 is so hard. Talk to her about the behavior, including what she should/not do publicly. Also, there are Alcoholic support groups for parents that you may consider. As an adult child of an alcoholic who relapses regularly, hang in there! Can you feel the support vibes? Good luck.

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