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Fri, 01-06-2006 - 11:05pm

It feels good to do it! The holidays are over for us...officially over. The day of the three wise men was today and that marks the 12th day of Christmas. This weekend I'll be taking down the tree but leaving up my canleabras. I love them when it snows....now I just got to pray for snow! LOL!!! HOw is everyone doing? I have two birthday parties at work to do tomorrow so I won't be online much until Sunday. Please forgive me with my missing in action status for a while. Things will be back to normal soon. =)

Don't forget to post like mad!!!! "Member of the week" starts Monday! I haven't seen anyone's request in my email box yet. Make sure you email me Mixee1 at yahoo dot com and let me know you want to be "featured"! =) You can add some information that you'd like me to post about you as well. I hope I have soem great reading material this weekend. Come on, ladies, come on! =)

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