Can I join in the fun?

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Can I join in the fun?
Fri, 04-21-2006 - 11:35pm

Hi everyone. Some of you might remember me from years ago. My id used to be glenda02. I was around when these guys were 2 and 3 mostly. To reintroduce myself and my family, I'm a fortysomething SAHM with a dd (who'll be 6 next Tuesday - yeah I'm a little early but she fits more here than in the 4 & 5s) Megan and a 9 yo ds - Evan. Dh works for a major pharmaceutical company and we live just north of Chicago.

My major question is this... What are your kids reading? I'm trying to come up with a series to get Megan "hooked" on reading. We've got all the Magic Tree House books up through 27 and they've gotten a lukewarm reception. She's a very girly-girl and loves Barbie, fairies, pink, soccer, and plays piano. I'm trying to help her stay young so we're avoiding Lizzie McGuire, Mary Kate and Ashley (at least the stuff where they're older), etc. The Magic Tree House books are about her level but a slight challenge. She's read one or two of the Hopscotch Hill School books and enjoyed them. I've asked the librarian at the local library, her kindergarten teacher, my mom (an ex-elementary principal) and haven't gotten much help. Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks and I'm looking forward to spending more time here!!!

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Sat, 04-22-2006 - 12:46am

Hi there, welcome back!

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Sat, 04-22-2006 - 9:22am

Would the Little House on the Prairie series be of interest to her?


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Sat, 04-22-2006 - 10:30pm
Hi, what about
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Tue, 04-25-2006 - 9:34am
Some of my dsd's friends are reading the Babysitters Club and the Little Sisters books. The little sisters books are great for that age. I remember reading them when I was around that age too. I'm not sure if they're still being written, but there were MANY in the series.
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Tue, 04-25-2006 - 10:37pm

HEY!!! GREAT TO SEE YOU!!!!! Welcome back!

Tre actually loves reading Dragon Slayer books...I'm not sure your daughter woudl enjoy that but it is cool for

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Thu, 04-27-2006 - 4:31pm
Tara's been reading Susan Hughes "Paws & Claws" series. Nice for animal lovers. She's also a Roald Dahl fan: Matilda, the BFG, George's Marvellous Medicine. She's also recently been reading "The Princess School" books: "Let Down Your Hair", "Who's the Fairest?". Barbie books, Little Grey Rabbit, My Naughty Little Sister stories. There's so much out there! Good luck in your selections. Tanya