Chore chart

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Chore chart
Thu, 09-28-2006 - 11:39am
Does anyone have a chore chart that they would like to share? My kids ages 7 & 8 are needing a more structured list. So far I've been very hap-hazard in doling out things to do.



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Thu, 09-28-2006 - 2:26pm

We are starting to formalize chores for my almost 8 yo now. It was a cub scouts achievement requirement so we had to!

Anyway, he has "litter patrol", which consists of walking around an area of our yard (2.5 acres) and picking up trash - its windy here and we get scraps of paper and such blowing in from time to time. Litter patrol can also be modified to him bringing the recycling from the kitchen to the box in the garage for me. He also has to use the dustbuster to vacuum under the kitchen table after dinner. His other chores, that haven't gone over as well are keeping the shoes tidy in the garage and laundry room (we don't wear shoes inside - its very dirty out here), and picking up his room. He gets a little distracted when sent in to pick up his room, plus he shares it with a 3-yo brother, so things like books on the floor are a major sticking point because his brother is messy.

I ask him to do other things to help out like setting the table, but it is not on his chore list.


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Mon, 10-02-2006 - 3:22pm

I'm in hte middle of redoing ours. I'm going

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Tue, 10-03-2006 - 12:02am

My 9 year old does the following - unload dishwasher, take the dog out, take out the garbage, clear the table after dinner as allowance chores and is expected to do the following as part of the family - keep his room clean, help clean up the yard, replace light bulbs, and clean up around the house as needed. Just today, I taught him how to do laundry. I'm not expecting him to do this on his own right now, but he asked to learn how and I'm certainly not going to discourage that.

My 6 year old does the following - set the table, dust (with a feather duster), fold clean towels, straighten up shoes (no shoes inside here either), and feed the dog as allowance chores. She is also expected to keep her room clean, clean up after herself around the house, help out in the yard, and she often cleans the mirrors in the bathroom and living room.

Both enjoy helping me prepare dinner from time to time and they've been known to vacuum on occassion.