Considering another????

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Considering another????
Tue, 10-17-2006 - 11:49pm

First of all I'm new here. I have twin boys who just turned 6. They are typical first graders. I also have a great husband that has been really involved and a great what's the problem?

Well my best friend found out she was pregant. I am feeling kinda envious. Which is wierd because I have been around lots of women who've been pregnant and it hasn't bothered me as much as her being pregnant. I always wanted another one, but it was really hard to get pregnant. We had to go through A LOT to get the boys. I am now 35 and my chance is slipping away. If I don't do it now that I never will. On one hand it would be amazing to have another baby, for all those cute reasons. On the other hand, we are now finally getting the chance to do stuff. The boys are pretty much able to entertain themselves and take care of their own basic needs. They don't need me like they did. I guess my best friend is now CONSUMED with all things BABY and it makes me want one now too. She was my buddy that didn't have kids and was always available for me to hang out with, without kids. And, now she's doing all that baby stuff and I feel left out. What do I really want? Is this feeling temporary and will it go away? Do I want a baby for the wrong reasons? My husband DOESN'T want a baby but he would be open to it if its something I REALLY wanted.

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Mon, 10-23-2006 - 7:47am

I know exactly how you feel. THere are so many of my friedns and associates that are prego and it makes me want another, too. I LOVE pregnancy and I feel my best wehn I AM pregnant.

I think its normal to want this. I, personally, due to may age, finances and current job situation (not to mention hubby's) decided NOT to have another just yet. If God really plans of me having one, I have no control over that anyway.

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