DS is turning SEVEN!

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DS is turning SEVEN!
Sat, 01-14-2006 - 4:38pm

I just cannot believe it! Seven sounds so old! Where did the time go? I am having all these emotional flashbacks because a good friend of mine just had a baby. And although I most definitely do NOT want another baby, seeing, holding and smelling this little lump of new infant is making me realize just how much my kiddos have grown and are changing. I am so proud of them, but sometimes I miss their little baby selves. You know what I mean? :) (Well you are all mothers - of course you do!)

Soooo... since I am a children's party planner, our birthday parties are always a big deal around here. This year is shaping up to be the easiest birthday party I've ever done, because my son wants a snake party. So we hired a guy to come out to our house and bring (major shudder, here) fifteen slithery reptiles with which to entertain the kiddos. (The 'kiddos' are 11 boys and 3 girls!) Among other things, the reptile guy is bringing a reticulated python, a baby alligator and a de-venomized cobra and rattlesnake. (Eeeew!) I will definitely be doing a snake "head" count both coming in to the house and on the way out. I don't want any of his little 'friends' accidentally left behind!!

I will have the kids show up at 2:30, where they will paint wooden snakes for their craft. Then, at 3:00, the reptile man will arrive and do his thing. He will leave at 4:00 and we will do cake and presents and then we're done!

I am making the typical 'snake cake' out of cut up pieces of bundt cake arranged to look like a wiggling snake and then frosted, and for part of their goody bag items I am giving them all Roald Dahl's "The Enormous Crocodile" which I think they will like.

How far do I go in order to be a 'cool mom?' For DS's third birthday, I threw him a bug party, where the center of attention was his gift, a live praying mantis. That was one scary-cool bug! I couldn't bear to watch him eat the live crickets, but I guess he didn't have much choice. Funny story - One day a couple of months after DS's birthday, my son thought it would be nice to put the huge bug out in our garden so he could get some fresh air. I didn't think this would be a bad idea, because I remember my grandma used to order them for pest control in her garden, and they always lived there for several months at a time. So I thought 30 minutes out in sun wouldn't kill him. Right? :)

We put him out on a rose bush, said 'have fun, Buggy,' and turned to go back in the house. As we were walking in the door (a mere ten feet away from the mantis) I turned to look at him and as I watched, a HUGE crow swooped down out of nowhere and attempted to EAT our bug! Always level headed under pressure (not!), I screamed loudly and ran back toward our bug, waving my hands at the crow. The crow was unimpressed and just hopped off a couple of feet, leaving 'Buggy' crumpled on the patio floor. At that moment I remembered my son, and hoping he hadn't seen what happened I hurried him into the house. I was completely shocked by this and shaking like a leaf. But my son hadn't noticed anything! Not even my scream!

So later, when my son decided it was time to go get Buggy, we went out and ... of course... he was totally gone. That frickin' bird had enjoyed himself a gourmet (and expensive) meal! I asked my son what could have possibly happened to him and he decided that Buggy must have met a lady mantis and they flew off together to start a family.

So I thought that my son had escaped the trauma of having seen his favorite pet eaten alive. Not so. About two years later, some neighbor of ours was talking about doing a bug party for her little boy. And I said, "Oh they are so fun - we bought a praying mantis for our son's bug party!" And DS says, "Yep, but later a bird ate him, so don't let him go outside!" Shocked, I turned to my son and said, "How did you know?" And he said, "I saw the whole thing, but you were so upset, I thought we better pretend something else happened." Can you believe that? Kids!

Take care,

Susan (obviously incapable of writing short messages)

P.S. At the time of Buggy's untimely and tragic death, a friend suggested that I should just turn this in to a 'food chain - circle of life' lesson and take my son out for dinner so WE could eat fried chicken that night! Better then eating crow, I suppose... :)

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Sun, 01-15-2006 - 1:27am
Your parties sound awesome! Can I go!?!?! I hope your ds has a great party and a very Happy Birthday!!!!

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Mon, 01-16-2006 - 2:15am

Thank you and absolutely, you may come! We'll give you the title of "Assistant Snake Handler." How's that??!


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Mon, 01-16-2006 - 9:52am
Congratulations! Seven does sound so grown up and big!
Our sons(and DDs) sound like they are pretty similar boys. DS is so into snakes that his Christmas present was snake tongs.
We play with plastic snakes, reads everything about snakes and wants a pet snake. "But, we'll also keep anitvenom in the house and just get a shot if black mamba bites us!"
So you see it is not dangerous at all, Mommy! Ha. I myself don't mind snakes, kind of like them myself. My DS is actaully into everything nature and science, so we are thinking about science museum B-day or something similar.
Your party sounds grea, I wish we had in our town somebody that can bring cobra od mamba that has no venom.
Have fun at the party.
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Tue, 01-17-2006 - 12:23pm

Happy 7th

and her two "whirlwinds"
     DS-13 & DD-9

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Fri, 01-20-2006 - 6:06pm

Susan, I am getting total visuals of you and your arms in the air at the bird! I hope you'r enot insulted but that was soo funny! I can't stop giggling! It figures we're the lunatics and the kids are like, "What? What's going on, mom?" LOL!!!

The party sounds great! Go ahead....get the snake! That should be REALLY impressive! *wink*

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