Happy New Year!!!

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Happy New Year!!!
Fri, 01-05-2007 - 3:03pm

Start the New Year Right!

Dear iVillagers,

girlsThe holidays are over, but we know you want your kids to remember the positive messages of the season all year round.

That's why you'll love our interactive Family Volunteer Guide.

Are they outdoorsy? Artistic? Athletic? We'll point you to the do-good ideas that'll suit your family! You can teach your kids about charity and goodwill, hang out together, lend a helping hand and have some fun -- all at the same time.

And now that your kids are heading back to school after the holiday break, find out what teachers wish parents knew, as our experts pinpoint problems -- and offer solutions! Plus, learn to resolve typical schooltime woes, and help your child build skills at any age.

Happy parenting!

Diane Jones Randall
Senior Producer | Pregnancy & Parenting

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