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Technically I don't belong here for another month but I thought I'd go ahead and post an into. I kow some of you already from the four and five yr old board but for those who don't know me I'll introduce myself. I'm Johnna. My ds Mason will be 6 July 8. Makes me so sad that he's growing up so quicly. I also have a dd Mallory who is 5 months.

School is out and we are trying to get into a new routine. It's been hard on him cause he's so use to the school routine that he's boring easily. The school sent home summer worksheets and he does a few of them once a day. We do park day once/twice a week depending. Were going today actully once dd wakes up from nap and eats.

I hope to get to know you all!!

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Hi Johnna,

I am Arvela a mother of 3. I recently became a member of IVillage. I am from Curacao and I'm married to Richard and have 3 kids dd Chiokee 10, ds Anwar 7 and ds Coby 6 years old. The kids vacation did not start yet. They need to wait till June 30th. This year we are going to Disney Orlando and we all can n't wait. There is a lot of fun for your son I think. Forenstance camping in the backyard. BBQ at nigth (7 o'clock :)). Coloringbook day. Make cookie day. See the recept on BHG.com. And a lots more. And you will see with little or nothing you can create a nice summer vacation for him. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day!


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Hi, I'm new here too. My dd Sydney is 6 and my ds Ryan is 9. They're still in school until June 23. Actually I used to stay home with both kids until Sydney went to kindergarten. It is hard trying to figure out things to do, especially when you are waiting for one to wake up or take a nap.

I used to go to the park alot. Are there other kids in the neighborhood? How about inviting a friend from his class over for a visit? My kids use to love to paint (gets messy, but just cover everything with newspaper!) Maybe even put a little table outside for him to paint on.

Maybe you could ask him how his day in school went and if he wants to do some of the things he did in class? Like a reading time? The public library is always a fun place to go. Sometimes they have activities you can sign up for.

Sometimes the days get long, but they do go so fast. I can't believe I'm back to work already!

Good luck and I hope to talk with you again.


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Fri, 06-09-2006 - 3:37pm
Hi, I'm new here, too. I have three kids. Riley, 7, Nate, 3, and Rachel, 9mth. I have a hard time finding interesting things that will entertain such a large age range. We do go to the library every few weeks and we walk to the neighborhood park a couple of times a week. I do let the older ones watch TV while I put the young one down for nap. We have already played every board game in the house. Riley will have swim lessons and camp later this summer. Check out your community ed., ours has a summer recreation program. There is art in the park, where they go one morning a week for 5 weeks and make art projects, it does cost some money, but they are pretty cheap.
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Sun, 06-11-2006 - 11:32pm

Hey girl!

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Welcome!!! It's great to see you moving up the ladder and staying in touch with folks on the boards! =) This age group is tons of fun so

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