Hi There!

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Hi There!
Fri, 06-23-2006 - 10:17am
I wanted to introduce myself. I am Anna, Mom to 3. I post on the 4 and 5 yos board, but my 5 yo will be 6 this August. So, I hope you dont mind if I join you. Isabel will be going into first grade this fall, geesh Im not ready.

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Sat, 06-24-2006 - 10:02am

We'd LOVE for you to join us! =) The board goes through spurts, so please don't feel ignored if it takes a while for soemone to respond to you. (The 4&5 board is hoppin' all of the time! *wink*)

It's great to see you here, and I hope you find friendships here as you did on your other boards! =)



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