How old for gadgets?

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How old for gadgets?
Sat, 03-26-2011 - 9:15am

I'm filled with questions! Why haven't I been here before?? Do your kids have mp3 players or cameras or PSP's or whatever game thingie? My kid can still play with her imagination so well she really doesn't care for a game. Though she woudn't turn down

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Sun, 03-27-2011 - 12:14am
My boys all have DSs, my youngest got his when he turned 7, although he did have a hand me down Gameboy he would play. One of the twins got an MP3 player when he was 8, I don't know if I would do an iPod yet for any of them because of the cost and they are a bit more fragile. They don't have a camera or video camera yet, although I do let them use mine when they ask.

I think it's pretty common for kids this age to have some type of electronic. I just think you need to make sure they are protected. Sean has a hard case on his DS that absorbs a lot of the abuse.