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Fri, 01-05-2007 - 2:57pm

Dear iVillagers,

Now that the kids are settling into the school year, why not zero in on some of the issues they might be facing in the classroom and in the schoolyard. We've got quizzes for every age and stage -- and this week we invite you to test your parenting savvy in matters of self-esteem, school studies, social circles and more:

kidsAssess Your Child's Self-Esteem
Homework: Are You Too Involved?
Is Your Child a Bully?
How Healthy Is Your Daughter's Body Image?

teensDrug Abuse: Is Your Child at Risk?
Is Your Teen Prepared for College Life?
Are You Raising Healthy Eaters?
Is Your Teen Ready to Hit the Road?

Happy parenting!

Diane Jones Randall
Senior Producer | Pregnancy & Parenting

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