Law of attraction

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Law of attraction
Wed, 09-27-2006 - 9:34pm

At a business meeting we watched a film on the Law of Attraction. FOr those unfamiliar with it, it is basically the power of positive thinking and getting back what you give out. It describes how what you think and feel attracts the same type of feelings and thoughts, and how we really do have control of our destiny.

My question is, do you agree with the Law of Attraction? Have you experienced anything to back up your views?

I really DO believe that. I believe what you give out comes back to you and I believe you attract what you emit. Its not always an easy ting to do, but consciously changing a thought that gives you a bad feeling to one that doesn't can do wonders for your emotional state of mind and therefore how people react to your positivity or negativity.

I've had many things in my life test me and I do find that when I try to stay positive and really ENJOY and LIVE in my fortunes (finanacial and otherwise) great things happen to and for me! What about you???

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