Losing teeth, and I mean a lot of teeth!

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Losing teeth, and I mean a lot of teeth!
Sun, 02-15-2009 - 10:45pm

Hi all!! New to this board but not to ivillage. I have a question that only other moms can answer for me!

My daughter is 6 and 1/2. She lost 3 baby bottom front teeth within a week of each other right before her 5th b-day. She got brand new perm teeth within about 2 months, but only 2, the 3rd one never came. She lost her 2 front top teeth about a week before her 6th bday. One of the perms in about halfway in, the other is about to sprout.
Friday she lost another bottom tooth and tonight she lost another top tooth. That is 7 teeth at 6 1/2. She is in Kindergarten and no one else has lost teeth (maybe one, but not like her)
Her teeth are otherwise healthy, no cavities. Brushes 2x a day for sure, most of the time 3x.

Anyone else experiencing this??

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Mon, 02-16-2009 - 10:44pm
My oldest lost 3 of his molars in 2 days a couple of weeks ago!