Monday QOTD: BAcK to ScHoOl MaDneSs

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Monday QOTD: BAcK to ScHoOl MaDneSs
Mon, 10-24-2005 - 1:57pm

DId you remember everything this morning, or did you forget something that was due in school?

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Mon, 10-24-2005 - 6:13pm
did fine for school, but totally forgot about karate at 430! Oops!
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Mon, 10-24-2005 - 6:37pm

This morning we did fine, however Brionna had to read me her homework quick before going to school. Last Friday we forgot library books but I ran them back in.

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Mon, 10-24-2005 - 6:48pm
Oh yeah...we forgot library books and vocabulary journal. Sigh. Try again tomorrow.
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Mon, 10-24-2005 - 10:48pm
We didn't have school today!
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Mon, 10-24-2005 - 11:43pm
So far, so good, but it is just the beginning, I have a few days to screw up, lol!!!!!

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Tue, 10-25-2005 - 12:56pm
I did good today but last week I put the wrong folder in the wrong kids back pack there teacher had to switch them. Things just get so crazy around here and I thought I put them in the wrong bag so I switched them and here they were right to begin with lol.
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Tue, 10-25-2005 - 3:01pm
So far so good here!

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