My 6 year old girl is becoming very hard to handle..

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My 6 year old girl is becoming very hard to handle..
Wed, 12-11-2013 - 12:51pm

<p>In may of 2012 i fell on hard times and was pregnant with my second child. I had to move into a shelter for pregnant women. I couldnt take my 6 year old with me so she lived with her fathers mother. I got out of the shelter in november of 2012 and moved to my own home. Her grandmother asked for me to let her stay until may 2013 when&nbsp; school let out so that she wouldnt have to change schools in the middle of the year, so from november until may she was with me every weekend. She has been with me full time since may and has been very hard to handle. She doesnt follow rules, whines allll the time, freaks out when punished, acts a fool in public, and wont go to bed at night with out a huge fight. She will not play alone with her toys but begs for more toys everywhere we go. I have had to walk out of stores multiable times,and even had to leave a wedding reception because of her behavior. I think her grandparents let her do anything she wanted and act as though she can do no wrong. They DO NOT punish her at all. She only sees them about one weekend a month now and is still acting this way. I have tried everything, i have read arcticles online and books. How do i get her behavior to change. She is just acting so spoiled and thinks she is entitled to anything she wants. Just this past weekend I took her to a movie saturday, a skating rink sunday, and to a christmas light show monday. I do fun activities with her all the time but its never enough for her! She is above average with her schooling, but in her parent teacher confrence they mentioned her bad behavior. She doesnt listen, is rude, and wont stay in her seat. Her doctor put her on medication for adhd, and it has helped at school it seems but when she is home she still acts the same way. I have tried talking to her and everything. what should i do?</p>

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I think it's time for some professional help here.  From her POV, she's only 6 yrs old, she was w/o her mother for a year (although you did visit you didn't live with her), then she gets used to living w/ GPs and their home & rules, then she has to move again and re-adapt and then there is a baby to adjust to--that's a lot of change and she is probably acting out because she is too young to verbalize a lot of things, like is she still going to stay with you?  Is she going to go back to live w/ GPs?  Maybe you could start by asking the school counselor for recommendations.

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I agree with musiclover, that is a lot of change and adjustment for a 6 year old to have went through. Being consistent with rules and consequences is also key, the more you sway the more she will continue to challenge you on it.