Need advice about my son and school

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Need advice about my son and school
Fri, 09-28-2007 - 8:08pm

Well my son is 7 years old and he is in 2nd grade. In kindergarden he went to a nice school in my father's neighborhood. After I moved since I don't have a car I had to take him on the bus and was getting him there late and stuff. So I put him in another cause it was closer. So I ended up moving again and it was even closer and I signed him up for school transportation. But every since he's been in this new school he's been having problems. His old school was behind sso he had to learn the new school's curriculum which was more fast paced and advanced. So his first grade teacher was worried but he finally caught up and is doing good with his work. Only thing is he still needs work with his writing and science.

My son has always been a quiet child and doesn't talk alot to most people. He talks to me alot, just not to certain people or the kids at his school. The teachers think something is wrong with him because he doesn't interact the kids at school and he's quiet. Now I do have to pry information out of him, like if something or someone is bothering him he want say anything. But that has gotten a lot better. I feel like there's nothing wrong with my son at all. When I was a kid I was very shy and quiet and I eventually grew out of it as I got older. But my son plays with my friend's son and he use to play with my boyfriend's nephews and he talks to my boyfriend's son.

Also every weekend he goes over his grandpa's and play games with him and his cousins. So my son doesn't have any problem interacting with kids. I think he just doesn't like that school or the kids. He told me he has a friend but doesn't know his name, so I don't know. But last year he had kids picking on him and this year he has someone picking on him. Just today he told me the boy took his snowman eraser and threw it in the trash. He came home crying and I asked him did he tell the teacher and he said yes and that the teacher looked in the trash for it and put the boy on blue or yellow. Which those colors determine how your day was in school. But last year the teachers had someone calling my house saying my son was falling out on the floor having seizures. Come to find out some kid or kids was pushing him on the floor. T

hat's when I found out he was being picked on because he never told me what was going on. He was coming home everyday like nothing was wrong and never said a word. Like I was telling his grandma that could be one reason why he isn't interacting with any of the kids if they are picking on him. But I'm tired of these teachers acting like something is wrong with my son or he's slow and retarded because he's not talking to the kids in his class. My son is a very good reader and read better than a lot of the other kids and his first grade teacher had the nerver to say she doesn't think he knows how good he can read.

She wanted to keep him in first grade because he was socializing with the kids. But I told her I wanted him to go on to 2nd grade. He paseed all of his classes so what do I look like failing him because he isn't talking to the kids and is qiuiet. They're saying he's struggling in class because he's not talking to the kids even though he's doing good on his work and has good grades except for in the writing and science class. I'm more concerned about him learning and getting an education then how many friends he makes in school. None of those friends are going to help him get a good education.

Their asking his grandma is something going on at home. If anything is wrong, it's that these kids are picking on him and the teachers aren't doing anything about it. I'm thinking about putting him in his old school if it's not to late for open enrollment and just going back to catching the bus to take him back and forth to school. When he was at his old school, he had no problems and his kindergarden teacher praised him and always told me how smart he was and how good he was doing. Now some women on the other board don't think being picked on makes you quiet but I believe it does that and cause other problems.
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Fri, 10-05-2007 - 1:57pm

I usually just lurk on this board, but I felt the need to respond to your situation!

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Tue, 10-09-2007 - 12:12pm

I agree with the previous post. You go with your mommy-sense and continue to support your son.