New here--7 YO DS

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New here--7 YO DS
Sat, 02-03-2007 - 9:15pm

Hi, I'm Nancy, and I have a 7 YO son, Mark and a 9 YO son, Steven. DH, the boys and I live in Western NY.

Mark is my more intense kid. His life has lots of peaks and valleys while his brother's is more even. So, Mark can be more charming, funny, happy, giggly, and silly, but also more mad, challenging, sad, and brooding. The highs definitely outweigh the lows, though, and he's generally a happy kid. He's doing great in school, and loves science (especially dinosaurs and chemistry--a kid after my own heart, I'm a chem. engineer...). He plays hockey, baseball, and soccer, and loves Spiderman and Pokemon.

I look forward to getting to know you!

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Mon, 02-05-2007 - 4:47am

Hi and welcome! I am Susan and I have two children - an almost eight year old boy and a five year old daughter.

This board is kind of slow, but there are some really great people here - it just moves a little slower then other boards.

Talk with you soon!


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Mon, 02-05-2007 - 10:05am

Hi, Nancy!!! My Tre is

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