New here and going crazy

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New here and going crazy
Mon, 07-02-2007 - 5:34pm

Hello all,

I'm new here and I am going crazy with my almost 6 yr old DD. We live in Texas and it usually NEVER rains enough here. I think that it has rained 30 of 32 days since school has gotten out and we have a BAD case of CABBIN FEVER. Not to mention that she is a sassy 6 yr old girl who is moody and gets mad at her older brothers 14 and 16 because they are older...."and she just wants to be older too" LOL. Anyway, I just thought I would say hi to all :)

Julie (who needs and Arc)

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Mon, 07-02-2007 - 8:42pm

AUGH - I've

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Thu, 07-05-2007 - 10:32am

hello!! i can imagine what i would be doing if we were stuck inside a lot. i have 2 kids-7 and 3-and they drive me nuts-especially since my oldestd bday a couple of weeks ago-she got a pool(a small shallow plastic pool-but they LOVE it)"can we go in the pool? can you fill up the pool? can we go swimming?" ARGGHHH!! now i know what my mom went through when i was a kid cuz i was the same way-lol!! anyway, i dont know for sure if any of these things will work-but heres a few ideas to help break the boredom(and no ark building is not on the list-lol-but i have heard that you guys down there have gotten A LOT of rain this year):

pack up the kids in the car and go to the mall...let your older ones go shopping or browsing and see if they have a play area there. let her blow off some steam there...or just take them all to mcdonalds and you guys all have lunch and let her blow off steam at that play place.

stock up on play-doh, clay, water color paint, markers and crayons and let her have fun. she could even have an art show-my sister and i used to do that-we would make pictures and paper dolls and everything-hang them up in our basement and have my mom walk through it...and my dad and occasionally our aunts and grandma.

go to the video store and get some new movies to watch...or pack up the kids and take them to the movies...maybe the boys can go see something they want while you girls go see something else...

have your dd put on her bathing suit and go have fun in the rain. she would have a ball splashing in the puddles and having a shower outside.

go take a walk with her-in the rain. it might be a crazy idea, but it could help both of you dispel that cabin fever...

good luck!!!

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Mon, 07-09-2007 - 10:04am

Thanks to both of you for your responses :) Since I posted I haven't been the rain has let up a little. We have had enough not raining times to actually be getting outside for a while for the last 5 days!!!

The ideas were great and I will add some to our list....we have seen every appropriate movie in the theaters LOL. Someone did just tell me that Evan Almighty was ok for 6 yr olds....I dunno about that one.

We are leaving for a week at the beach in Alabama on Sat. Soooooo praying that it doesn't rain there that week LOL

Thanks again ya'll,


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Sat, 07-14-2007 - 5:03am


It's so hot in California (Sacramento Valley) that we can't go outside either.

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Sun, 07-15-2007 - 3:55pm


Glad things are better now!!! =) Welcome to the board, Julie!!!

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