No more "junk" food allowed in School?

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No more "junk" food allowed in School?
Wed, 10-12-2005 - 12:57pm

I was packing my 7 year old's lunch this morning. I was going to put in one of those individual packs of mini-oreos when she said "I can't have that mom.". I questioned her and found out that the teachers are telling the children that they can't have junk food anymore. Through experience, I've learned not to take everything she says at face value so I went in this morning to talk to the principal. So, I find out that a treat after lunch is okay but what they are trying to stop is the kids from pigging out at the morning recess. Apparantly, kids are bringing ho-ho, donuts etc and then it is effecting their ability to concentrate later. Totally agree too much sugar is a bad thing. So then I ask "If we are going to try and cut back on sugar then why is the school still serving Froot Loops and Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast?". Oh, that's not under the control of the school, I have to call Food services. So I call food services....the answer "if we serve low sugar cereal the kids won't eat it". I try to explain to the director of food services that it might be beneficial to provide a lower sugar cereal in the morning. Not only is it better for the kids but it is a conflicting message to tell let the kids fill up on sugar first thing in the morning and then a hour later tell them "no you can't have a donut". Doesn't make sense. They serve our kids sugar cereal, pancakes, waffles, coffee cake, fruit cocktail in heavy syrup most of the time. Even my seven year old doesn't understand the no junk food policy.

What do your schools serve at breakfast and lunch? Do you all have junk food policies?


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Thu, 10-13-2005 - 10:27pm
Oh YuM! MAc and Soy Cheese!!!

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Sat, 10-15-2005 - 1:23pm

our school has vending machine too, and your right they do generate a lot of money.

our school is JUNK FREE(we don't have a caffitera)... in our vending machine we have pure un-sweeten apple juice, orage juice, water, v8 juice, and I think a v8 splash(strawberry/kiwi) and some kind of yogurt drink(YOP I think)

in the other machine, we have suncrips,the new campbell's handheld soups(2 flavors,)pretzells, trail mix,granola bars, I can't rememember it

the students have the use of several microwaves, there are located in different area's of the school,and there is a microwave monitor(GR.7/), to make sure that things don't get to hot,
the students all know that, this is a privilage, if abused the mic's will be taken away.

we are also looking into getting a fresh fruit vending machine( the one with the sliding doors) then we can also have cup yogurt,milk, ect...

we have a couple of parents that fill and mantain the vending machines. They do a wonderfull job, and the variety is really good.

good luck...

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Wed, 10-19-2005 - 1:46pm
I know it. It's crazy! Good luck to you, though. Lord knows I started giving Tre lunches. The school lunches are just BOOTY! LOL!
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