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Sun, 01-28-2007 - 11:05pm
My DD 7 has been a basket case ever since Christmas Break ended. She is making herself and me crazy about going to sleep. She has made herself think that she can't fall asleep. Then she says she doesn't want to go to school because she will miss me during the day. Then she says that the kids are mean to her and then she says that she just doesn't like school. Well, I have spoken to her teacher and she gets along very well with the other kids. I work at the school so I have dropped by a few time last week and she was laughing and having a good time. We had the situation somewhat under control and then she got sick last week and we spent two days alone together. I have two older ds 15, and 13. I never had this problem with them. I have found that girls are much more dramatic than boys. I get that. I just am not sure what to do we have tried the gentle approach and that did not work so now we just kept putting her back to bed. It took 20 minutes of her getting out of bed and I gave her a hug and just put her right back. I know it is propably separation anxiety but how do we make it better for her and us my dh and I are losing our minds. I would love to spend the day with her and I have tried unfortunatly most of my time is given to her and the rest of the family is suffering. I just am at the end of my rope.
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Wed, 01-31-2007 - 12:15pm
First thing I'll say is that it's not always just the girls that are overly dramatic. I'm having big issues with DS acting this way. Unfortunately with boys you can't help but think of them as acting whimpy.
As far as seperation anxiety, have you tried to work out some sort of ritual or special item to make her feel less "far from you". Put a picture of the family beside her bed. Stick a special item that only you and her understand to carry around in her pocket.
I should probably plan these in advance because I can sort of see my otherwise independent 3 year old DD acting this way since she's getting more attached to Mommy. Seperation anxiety is not that huge of problem with DS, thankfully, it's just about everything else.
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