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I can't believe what has happened to my beautiful intelligent little girl over the past two months. Megan is 6 and has developed severe anxiety. She has become frightened of so many things. i know many kids are a afraid of thunder, but Megan is afraid thunder is coming when the sun is shining. she is afraid of the vacuum cleaner, trains, going to the bathroom alone, tornados, certain video games her sisters play. I've talked to her and reassured her over and over again that I would never let anything happen to her, but now her daily fears have turned into nightmares. She loses sleep everynight. My husband, myself, and her sisters are the only people she trusts. She clings to me from the moment she comes home from school until she goes to bed at night. Yesterday my husband had the car and usually i wait outside for the bus to arrive. The bus came early and Megan seeing no cars in the driveway assumed no one was home and began to scream and cry yelling for the busdriver not to leave. She had to be carried kicking and screaming by my 12 year old daughter into the house. once she seen me she was fine. Now i know you may think there was some tragic event that triggered this behavior and to be honest i wish there had been, at least i would have somewhere to point blame, but honestly there has been nothing. I have never ever left her alone, we've never been caught in a bad storm, and she's never had an accident with the vacuum cleaner. As for the train it runs by our house and it's mainly the whistle that frightens her. None of these things ever bothered her before. She's ok at school, as far as i know. I haven't had any reports. Do I really need to consider professional help for my baby girl? Does anyone else have this prob? Does anyone have any sugg? PLEASE HELP. thank you.

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Something has triggered this..a movie perhaps...a story she read or heard i school...?? Your older daughter has no clue?

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That's so hard to deal with.


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This sounds severe. How long has she been like this? I would take her to a child psychologist. It could also be a sensory problem since she seems scared of loud things. Have you ever heard of sensory integration disorder? There is a book called "The Out of Sync Child" and another one called "The Out of Sync Child has fun". The latter one gives activities you could do with your child to help. You can look them up on There is also a website: It deals with self-regulation such as nervousness, etc. An occupational therapist is the one who treats sensory issues. If she sees one, make sure they are certified in sensory integration.

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