PLEASE help me :(

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PLEASE help me :(
Tue, 08-28-2012 - 2:13am

I have a 6 yr old daughter, very bright and healthy but sometimes in the middle of the night for no reason at all she wakes up screaming, Kicking and crying, she does it sometimes for hours, doesnt want anything specific and if she gets in trouble for it theres either little to no reaction to it, she will scream and cry till shes almost made herself sick, i am at a total loss as to what to do, she also still wets the bed, almost every night :smileysad: im so upset, it tears me up seein her like this, ANY advice would be appreciated, thank you 

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Tue, 08-28-2012 - 1:36pm

Poor girl (and poor mom!!) It sounds like it might be night terrors :smileysad:

You may also want to take her to the pediatrician just to also make sure there aren't any other underlying causes.

Good luck to you! Feel free to post here anytime to vent or ask any other questions!



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Tue, 08-28-2012 - 3:16pm
Poor girl, I'm sure that's got to be so hard on both of you. I second the suggestion to take her to the doctor to make sure there isn't anything else going on. My kids always had bad dreams about this age, but never to the point that your daughter gets them. Do you let her wear the nighttime pull ups to bed? It's not uncommon for children to still wet the bed at this age, sometimes it takes their bladders longer to catch up with the growth of their bodies.

You might try keeping a journal to see if you can figure out what could be triggering them. You could also try a very calming, relaxing atmosphere before she goes to bed. Do you leave a light on for her, does she have any type of security items? Have there been any major changes in her life recently? I'm not sure what could be causing them, just throwing out some suggestions.